Building my own antenna

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by KE5UFH, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. W4ZDI

    W4ZDI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Be very careful in selecting a design that the author does does not show his measured SWR and radiation pattern results. They may be one of the untried dreams of the author. I discovered this the hard way.
    I agree that the ARRL Antenna Handbook is a great investment and will provide you with a good foundation for your future antennas.
    Good Luck,
    Pierce W4ZDI
  2. WD5ABC

    WD5ABC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do you have a good ground at the station and/or room for a radial or 2? If so, go ahead and put up your 40m dipole. To get on 80m, tie the feedpoint together and hook it to your tuner like a longwire or random wire. Now you have a top-loaded vertical which should load on 80m with no problems. Don't forget the good ground and/or a counterpoise or 2 connected to the station ground (to which the tuner's ground lug should be connected) . I do the same thing to get on 160m. I have an 80m dipole fed with twin lead, I tie both side of the twin lead together and feed it from the wire port of my tuner.

    You can do the same thing with a loop by tying the feedpoint together and feeding it with the tuner.

    Good luck!

    Kerry, WD5ABC
  3. AE5JU

    AE5JU Ham Member QRZ Page

    For Field Day, Special Events, Emergency use:



    Frequency SWR

    14.000 mhz 1.6
    14.100 mhz 1.5
    14.200 mhz 1.4
    14.300 mhz 1.5
    14.350 mhz 1.5

    7.000 mhz 2.9
    7.100 mhz 2.3
    7.150 mhz 1.8
    7.200 mhz 1.5
    7.250 mhz 1.4
    7.300 mhz 1.5

    3.900 mhz 2.3
    3.910 mhz 1.7
    3.920 mhz 1.4
    3.925 mhz 1.4
    3.930 mhz 1.5
    3.935 mhz 1.6
    3.943 mhz 2.0

    15 meters, 3.5 to 3.0 but easily tuned via tuner.




    The 40 meter dipole is wired parallel to the 75/20 meter dipole.


    SWR figures are from an analyzer.

    Last Thursday evening I checked in on a regional net on 3.908 mhz from that field, using an Icom 718, 100 w SSB, with RBC-6 gel battery set (12 v, 12 AH). Talked to Net Control and Assistant Net Controls from 300 to 400 miles away in different directions. One reported "10 over on your signal". They all told me later that I sounded about the same as I do from my full length 80 m dipole at home.

    So, there are some approximate dimensions for an 80 meter dipole for you. It is tuned to the upper end of the band where most of the regional traffic and hurricane nets are. If you want to tune lower in the band, make the ends of the 75 m segment longer. With both ends about 2' longer, resonance was about 3.65 mhz.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2009
  4. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bovine excretions. I can prove you wrong. I don't know who told you that but you can go tell them what I said.
  5. K5BDH

    K5BDH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Windom or Dipole as Inverted V.

    Well Ive gotten my station online with the simple parelectronics end fedz ran as a sloper. I am hoping to build a 80-10m inverted v so I can access more bands than 40/20m. I have a 40x60 backyard but can run the antenna along my fence to the gate doors which is about 80' in length on both sides. My questions are:

    1)If I use a push up pole or a 30ft tree behind my back fence I can make an antenna fit where each segment is approx 66' long. The problem is I would have to run one wire off the 30' in a W to ENE direction, the other wire would have to run from NNW to SSE.

    2) this would put the wires in a closer angle than the parallel runs that you commonly see for an windom or dipole.

    3)Am I way off base trying this for those who have tried this? My coax run from the shack would have to be around 150' long to reach the top of the antenna.

    I made a simple excel file diagram of my exact yard dimensions etc if that would be any help.

    Thanks for any ideas/help. Not really interested in coils due to shortened bandwidth on 75m. I hope to get 3.8mhz on up or at least 3.85.

    Also, can a center fed dipole or ocf windom be ran as a sloper? and still be effective.

    Ooops just noticed it posted this as a reply intead of new topic. Sorry..newbyness is still in effect I guess.
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