BTX-127 *Extended* Frequency Mod

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by AA7BQ, Sep 12, 2004.

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  1. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator QRZ Page

    I saw on the site a "mod" to set the radio to one of
    the preset channels...if you read the manual you see
    that you can set it to any frequency in the range of
    150-157 something if you send it to an "authorized
    service dealer".

    The secret he knows is the "Set" button, a small
    surface mounted button located in the radio, hidden
    inside the radio. This button is the "secret" to the
    rest of the frequencies. In the BTX-127 I believe it
    is right above the DIP switchs(I dont own one, I own
    their "2 channel mobile radio"...a good
    purchase/project (bring it down to 2 meter ham band?)
    from radio shack recently, as the price has been
    reduced to $20

    Anyhow, enough of my babling ^_^

    This mod is valid for all of Radio Shacks programable
    Buisness Band Radios...the frequency bank will differ,
    but most likely the same banks

    This was tested on a Radio Shack "Buisness Band Mobile
    Tranciever" doesnt physically do anything, so feel
    free to test it on any other radio

    1)Using a screw driver, carefully open the radio and
    locate the set button. In the "Mobile Buisness Band
    Tranciever" it is under the top cover, to the lower
    left(with the channel switchs facing towards you), in
    the BTX-127 it is right above the DIP switchs under
    the cover..."set" is silkscreened right next to it

    2)Find the DIP switch set used to program the the BTX-127 the DIP switches are under the
    battery cover, in the Mobile Tranciever they are under
    the radio, under a small door...the manual will say
    where to find these switchs, as they are used to
    program both the preset frequencies and the CTCSS

    3)Using the Frequency Bank (attached to this e-mail),
    look up the codes for the frequency you want to set
    the radio to. Set the switchs to the settings for the
    first bank (0=off, 1=on) and press the set button. The
    radio will beep once. Now, enter in the code from the
    second bank for the same frequency and press the set
    button a second time. If the radio beeps twice, you
    did it right, if it beeps three times, you did
    something wrong, try again

    4)Turn the radio off and set the DIP swithcs to their
    previous settings.

    *IMPORTANT NOTE*:This frequency is programed in
    another frequency, and as a result DIP switch 2 must
    be set to the *on* position for the radio to use the
    custom frequency. However, if you flip DIP switch 2
    back to 0, the radio will revert to the preset
    frequency you programed in using the traditional
    programing method...this can be useful to make the
    BTX-127 into a two channel radio, and the mobile base
    radio at least a 3 channel radio(have not tested if I
    can program in the second channel as well)

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