Brian K. Corty KL2AV

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by W5LWK, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. W5LWK

    W5LWK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have held off doing this post with hopes someone would make good on a deal that was garbage from day one.. Mr. Brian K Corty. / KL2AV of Delta Junction Alaska. We agreed to do a trade.. I sent him 2 fully functioning 100% operational Motorola Radius CM-200 VHF radios in trade for a supposedly 100% fully functional President HR 2510 10 meter rig.. We agreed to flat rate priority mail shipping... And we're to ship on Nov 2nd... I had a very early call out to a job that morning so I notified him that evening that I would ship first thing Tuesday Nov 3rd ... And I did.. Sent him the tracking number and all I got was .. " Thanks.. Your box is going out"..I asked for my tracking number...and was told I would get it later... The run around and feel sorry for me stories began.. So the next day.. Nov 5th I finally get a picture of a tracking number that does not work.. I get more run around about a crappy post office ect.. Nov 7th he gets my package and doesn't even message me that everything got there ok.. Or anything??.. I let it ride over the weekend with a tracking number that won't work.. Nov 9th I still have no tracking and am told it was mistakenly put on a barge or something..Nov 9th my package is accepted at the Delta junction PO.. So.. I finally have tracking.. I asked him what the heck happened... He claimed the PO wouldn't tell him.. Says it was out of his hands..he played with my stuff over the weekend and decided to ship on the 9th.. A week after I did!!!fast forward to Nov 13.. I finally get my package and when the mail man handed it to me the radio was sliding all around inside.. Not Good.. I open it am instantly not pleased because all of what little packing inside is from the package I sent him!!! Minus the 3 new rolls of bubble wrap I packed his gear in!! The radio is junk!! But not because of the worst packing job I have ever seen, it was junk before it was shipped!! How did my packaging get inside of it if had been stuck on a barge??? No Rx on Am.. Rf gain had wrong pot installed.. Rf gain non operational 1/2 watt out in any mode.. Face drilled out and ruined!! He told me the rig was tested with the junky mike he sent with it and it was the only 5 pin he had.. The only problem with that is the mic was not wired for a 2510.. So it wouldn't key the radio period!! How did he test it then??It was junk from the get go.. He then wants me to claim the insurance which by his worthless packing job was the plan all along... I told him I would not because the USPS did not damage it.. After much stalling and back and forth.. we agreed that he would send me a RCI 2950 in its place if I would send the doorstop to his tech.. He then told me he could not ship it until next Thursday Nov 19th.. More stalling and he would ship when it fit his schedule.. Thursday Nov 19th came and went and he will not return messages..I have not heard a peep from him since Nov 13th!.... So buyer beware of Brian Corty KL2AV Delta Junction Alaska Refuses to honor his agreement... I have screenshots of our convo to prove what i say is true as well as many witnesses to the whole story....

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  2. KL2AV

    KL2AV Ham Member QRZ Page

    The radio was shipped fully operational.

    He contacted me said it was the rf gain nob that was damaged in shipping

    Radio was insured for $400 he refused to have post office inspect the radio then asks me to ship him a second radio

    I at first though about it then I talked to
    Many shops that know Larry and that said he board swaps

    So I wrote back and said listen turn it to post office and send to Doc at hr would in upstate New York

    I was told by Larry that the radio is a door stop he has been working on radios for 20 years and he refused to ship to doc or take to post office

    Larry then has asked his friends to write posts about my kids and my wife they have photo shopped nasty stuff on to pictures of my family and when they got no attention from us about it, they sent them to us in messenger!

    They where kicked off of three Facebook pages already for posting stuff.

    Do business with Larry he calls your wife a cow and a pig he then will photo shop your pictures as says you like little boys

    This is simple business if a radio is damaged in shipping ask post office insurance to cover if they says no and the trader says they will pay a repair send it for a repair

    Stop being a childish Asshole

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  3. W5LWK

    W5LWK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well.. you still continue to lie... no shops know me my friend..... because i work on my own gear... please do not make me post our entire convo here on QRZ and post the pictures where you were trying to sell pictures of my 2950 in my truck to my friend... and Resell the junk 2510 you sent to me while i already had it in my posession.... my friend that still does not have radios after three weeks after paying you 450.00.... Yes.. I have screen shots of that convo too... so please stop lying so and send me the 2950 you agreed to send to make our deal right.... i will post the pictures on here of the hacked destroyed junk you sent me as well.. please stop as you cant even keep your lies straight anymore.... Save yourself further emabrrassment....
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  4. W5LWK

    W5LWK Ham Member QRZ Page

    And by the way... Blocking me will not make this go away.... Do the right thing.... Send Jason the gear he paid you for 3 weeks ago.... stop selling gear you do not have!!!! Stop lying to yourself and all these fine people here..... If you feel the need to continue this i will post all screen shots of everything.... Again.. i'm giving you a chance to make things right.... Board swapper... that is the best one i have heard in a long time...
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  5. WN9VMR

    WN9VMR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lets see the photos of the packing, that may clear some questions up!
  6. W5LWK

    W5LWK Ham Member QRZ Page

    If the moderator would like to contact me... by all means... I have all the evidence i need to prove what i posted is true...He was shunned on another black List and is trying the same junk here...Been a member since 2007 and never had a problem with anyone else... thank you.. W5LWK
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  7. W5LWK

    W5LWK Ham Member QRZ Page

    And for the record.... I never called his wife or family any names.... I have not harassed Brian in any way ..... He got into it with other people on the forum... What they do to him is not my doing... Or business.... As soon as he was busted ... he blocked me .... hard to harass someone when you cannot talk to them.... Question???...Why Insure a radio for 400.00 when it is worth about 200.00 in pristine condition?? And you are not being truthful Brian... I did agree to ship the radio to your tech once the 2950 arrived.... which it never did.... even copied and pasted the agreement to the admin of the blacklist so there was a witness.... An yes i did refuse to file a claim with the USPS... They had no part in the damage.... The rig was a hacked destroyed piece of junk before it was packed in the box like a 2 year old would pack a lunch.... So lets review.... Insured for twice the value of radio.... Packed horribly... I have video of the unpacking,.... Cruddy pictures in the beginning....humm... The anatomy of a scam??? I tried to resolve this with him personally... Brian chose to ignore me.... I then tried to correct it in a blacklist forum.... was still lied to and ignored...... Brian lashed out at a lot of people on the forum and made some new friends...... and i even put off posting it here on QRZ to give him one more chance to honor his agreement.... Even after everything i was willing to try to not out him on here... yet he still wont make good on the deal...... And now he has taken to just straight up fabricating lies about me... After i found the pictures of him trying to sell pictures of my gear... and he did that on 3 instances that i have screenshots of.... that was the final straw.... I didnt want anymore of my fellow Radio operators to get took by this scammer..
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  8. W4KVW

    W4KVW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have seen the video & read the postings from this transaction & what he posted is true.The radio was & is a disaster & Brian Corty KL2AV makes excuse after excuse yet when he gets cornered he blocks people from his page & then removed his entire FB page.Several others have also been contacted by him & he's attempting too sell them this same radio & he no longer even has it.Sounds like a typical Lying,Scammer,Thief because he can't keep his story straight from on post to the next or from page to page.I'd say that Brian Corty KL2AV is NOT someone I'd deal with nor would I suggest it to anyone I like.

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  9. AD5D

    AD5D Ham Member QRZ Page

    Brian make it right, send Larry the 10 meter rig you agreed on. Larry is well known for his honesty and radio sales and swaps and has always done a fine job. I've seen the radio you sent him first hand and it is a door stop. You should no better than scam HAM's. The excuse that the radio was damaged in shipping is not true. The issue the radio has nothing to do with shipping damage. Larry is not about to file a false report/claim with the United Postal Service on something that didn't happen. We have seen all the evidence on face book and you Brian, KL2AV had ever chance to make it right with the radio community on Facebook and failed to do so, now you are upset and are making false statements. Good Luck!!!
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  10. VE3KDO

    VE3KDO Ham Member QRZ Page

    It would be nice if the rest of us could see the video.
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