Bill to Ban Cell Phones AND Radios From Mobile Use

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 17, 2001.

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    W4KSR writes...

    "From the AP: AUGUSTA — Two proposed bills in the Maine House aim to limit drivers' use of wireless phones. Reps. Joseph Brooks, D-Winterport, and Gerald Bouffard, D-Lewiston, have submitted separate bills that would ban drivers from using hand-held phones. In addition to phones, Brooks wants to ban the use of other hand-held electronic devices while on the road, including two-way radios, CB radios, computers and tape recorders.

    So what's this mean? Hams in Maine won't be able to operate mobile without running afoul of the law. Can this legally be done? Rep. Brooks' bill allows exemptions for commercial, and public service officials (Police, fire, rescue). Amateur Radio contribute to public service. However, some goverment officials still think of us as CBer's, even though we have tried public education. This has been evident in the past as we have tried to lobby for Amateur Radio license plates, only to be shot down at The State House.

    Maine Governor Angus King is familiar with Amateur Radio. A group of us did a special event, in which Gov. King was present and took the mic for a few contacts.

    It's time we lobbied our state representitives as to how important Amateur Radio is, and that banning mobile use could jeopardize saving someone's life. I personally called in a drunk driver, who was following me one night. Without that, he could have killed someone."
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