Bicycle Mobile?

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by KF9BD, May 12, 2019.

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  1. KL7AJ

    KL7AJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not quite bicycle mobile....but some years back QST featured the "R.U.M.P." Radio Under Motorcycle Posterior. Some guy had built a 1KW station into a GoldWing. Pretty impressive. :)
  2. KD8WU

    KD8WU Ham Member QRZ Page

    We have vacation/retirement property in NE lower Michigan, EN85fh, and I did my very first century ride (100 miles) there last Tuesday. ( )

    Thought about taking my HT but didn't because I can't talk and ride (breathing cadence) and I can see where using it on breaks could result in WAAAY too long of breaks.

    But then, here's an interesting concept;
    DISCIPLINE!!! Which was definitely lacking on this trip. So what difference would an HT make? Yea, think I'll take it next time.

    OK, rules question here. Not that I would do this, but would it be OK to use a 440 link to control an HF rig at different location? And can you even do that with an HT?

    Bob - KD8WU

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  3. W7CJD

    W7CJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't know about that.

    I do know you can get Echolink with a phone, if there is cell service.
  4. KJ4VTH

    KJ4VTH Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. KG5RA

    KG5RA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I ride a Rad Rover electric bike. I use a EFHW 40-10 M or a linked dipole. The radio is either a 857D or a 817ND with amp. I only use 50W and talk phone.
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  6. KD8WU

    KD8WU Ham Member QRZ Page


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