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Beware W4EKY

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by N9QIP, Jan 28, 2017.

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  1. N9QIP

    N9QIP Ham Member QRZ Page

    This guy purchased my Amp & Claims the Tubes which were shipped separately, packed extremely carefully as well as the chimneys. He says the tubes were broken and the Chimneys survived. I sent him two new tubes. and he would not send photos of the container for the original shipment for my shipping claim so I got stuck with the whole thing including the new tubes and shipping. Bad actor!
  2. AB4D

    AB4D Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

  3. W1QJ

    W1QJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is an old trick. I got nailed same way years ago. I packed a set of tubes very well and shipped them separate from the amp. Person said the tubes got smashed to bits in shipping. Acted very upset so I sent off two new tubes. Made a claim with shipper. They never paid. They picked up the broken tubes from the guy examined the tubes and packing and made an excuse not to pay. Later I received the broken tubes back from the shipper. I opened the box and there were the broken tubes inside. Problem was, I sent the guy Eimac tubes and the broken tubes in the box I got back were PRO-TEK. I got scammed. NEVER send or pay off on broken tube shipments unless you get the broken tubes back. Take serial numbers from inside the tubes and check them.
  4. KA2FIR

    KA2FIR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who was the "guy?"

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