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best way to learn cw

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by W8PLB, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. PA3LS

    PA3LS Ham Member QRZ Page

    G4FON worked fine for me. Learning the characters is very easy, you can easily do 1 letter per hour of practice. I recommend starting at 15wpm/12wpm spacing, but switch to 15 or 20wpm (normal spacing) as soon as possible. I noticed that i would 'see' the characters as dots and dashes when i got too comfortable at the 12wpm spacing. Besides that, the code you hear on the radio seems like there are no spaces, if you're used to larger than normal spacing.
    G4FON's trainer is boring though. Try to find someone to practice with.
  2. KJ4VPI

    KJ4VPI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was doing pretty well with the G4FON Koch Trainer program until I got sidetracked. I'm intending to get right back into it soon. Problem was finding a regular time to practice with the program.
  3. WB3CQM

    WB3CQM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I learned off a 45 record and the Amco code book back in 76 . Lots of copy of W1AW and USN Navy broadcast as well as WCC news cast and ship to shore traffic plus weather reports . But those days of WCC and USN weather broadcast gone.

    I ran across a great cw program called - Just Learn Morse Code- You can goggle it and learn more. It is one of the best code programs I have seen so far. Not to say there are not other great programs. You can learn to copy as you type if you also like and I see that as a great feature.

    I learned the hard way 5 wpm and up through. But In a recent discussion with a old cw op. He told me the way to learn cw is this - You get a tape 25-35 wpm and you listen to it for over a week . No copy needed . Just listen to it.

    Then he said you start to learn code but set the code letters to 25 or more wpm and start to copy the letters at those speeds. Like on the Just Learn Morse Code program. You will learn to copy the letters at the high speeds and when you start to put them together you will be copying way above the old methods.

    I have no clue if what he says will work but I would love to know if there is any merit to this system of learning cw.

    This is a great thread and I hope new hams will jump in a learn cw - It is the greatest mode there is . But then again it is not for everyone.

    Regards JIM
  4. WB3CQM

    WB3CQM Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Three Programs I am studying and down loaded are

    Just Learn Morse Code


    LCWO - Or- Learn CW Online

    I have seen a few more programs but tend to like- Just Learn Mores Code - but could see where using any of the above three or all three would be great way to learn mores code.

    Congratulations for making the first step. My advice is copy copy and more copy, you can learn it.

    Regards JIM
  5. K1DNR

    K1DNR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I did the Radio Shack course with the tapes. It was the similar method other guys just described, EISH, etc... They don't make that one any more. web site is excellent. Koch method excellent. G4FON, excellent!
  6. KC6DXN

    KC6DXN Ham Member QRZ Page

  7. K9PAC

    K9PAC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm laughing. And playing and polishing...this is great! I can do it at work and not bother anyone! Wish I could enter the letter via computer keyboard and have more than just random letters sent to me. I do like that I can send and it expects correct timing and spacing. Again, sending words or sentences would make it more useful.

    I've been using an MFJ code tutor with Farnsworth activated. It has been how I have learned characters and up to 8 random characters, plus call signs, QSOs, etc. Highly recommend it.

    Good luck,


  8. N3UUX

    N3UUX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I used a set of tapes called Code Quick. I listened to them for about a half hour or so each evening for about a week, really had fun with it. Some of the phrases gave my family a few chuckles, but it was very easy to learn using this method. When I went for my novice test, I tried the 10wmp test and passed it easily, so went for the General exam not long after that. When I went for my Advanced test, I took the 20wpm code test and passed it with no problem. Then I wasn't able to get around to the Extra class exam for awhile so I had to take the 20wpm again. Very easy. I would recommend this method to anyone. It's fun, and easy to learn.

  9. AB9NZ

    AB9NZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also used Code Quick with great results. In the reviews at that "yellow" ham radio forum you'll see many people that had great success with it. Go ahead and try the free programs, but if you cant seem to catch it, learn the characters with Code Quick, and then build speed with a free program (I love "Just Learn Morse).
    Let me say it right here. Code Quick doesn't put a "look-up table" in your head, or have you counting dahs and dits as its detractors claim. When I bought the whole package it was pretty expensive, but it was the best 70 bucks I ever spent; truly life changing. I have zero musical talent, and I'm too new to be code tested, but can now copy into the thirty's, thats a pretty good testament to CQ.
    Immersed in Morse, Tom AB9NZ, Mount Prospect, Illinois
  10. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wrote out letters, put the morse code underneath each letter and my dad would send to me for 30 minutes each night. Within a month I could copy on air and that was much more interesting.
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