Best Travel Trailer - mobile ham shack?

Discussion in 'RV Operating and Camping' started by N1KTJ, Jan 29, 2017.

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  1. W1GHD

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    My avatar shows my RV shack: a folding table between the front seats of the motorhome. Connected right to the house battery, no power supply to lug around. Swivel the chair around to play radio, but it's not in the way otherwise.
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  2. K0UO

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    Got on the air and have some fun, see everyone in Arizona at Quartz Fest in January
  3. US7IGN

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  4. N2PQW

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    Those WX conditions were just awful! I hope your team got a high score, as consolation for your efforts!

    David / N2PQW
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  5. US7IGN

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  6. K3XR

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    Picking up new 2018 Rpod R180 (left to right) K3XR, salesman, friend Patty.
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  7. KC9QYP

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    View attachment 426357 y View attachment 426357 View attachment 426358 View attachment 426359 View attachment 426361 This is our rv ham shack. My best bud Dennis Paulin Kb90fm and myself Brad Freund kc9qyp have been building this for over 2 years. We rebuilt the rv installed many new parts and power supplys and air conditioning. We also took out the table and replaced it with our ham radi View attachment 426364 View attachment 426365 View attachment 426366 o stations. View attachment 426362 View attachment 426363 This past fall we finally rebuilt a trailer and now she's on a trailer witch makes it easy to hook up and go. This still is an rv almost everything works , or will this year, can't wait for field day...
  8. KC9QYP

    KC9QYP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry screw up the first thread.

    Here ours rv ham tralier.. My best bud Dennis Paulin kb90fm and myself Brad Freund kc9qyp started on this about 2 years ago. We rebuilt most of the interior , added power supplys , batteries and air conditioning, as well as a few more creature comforts. We have 2 hf radios and a dual band 144/440, and 6 antenna positions on the metal roof.. So plenty of room for expansion.
    We also have an a4 tuner 25 foot tower on the back and another remote a4 tuner with an tri pod tower that we can locate 100 feet away from the rv. We can tune from 80 meters up to uhf...
    This fall we finally rebuilt a trailer and mounted it on a trailer . This makes it easy to hook up and go. This still is an working rv , it has a queen bed up front, a full working kitchen and bathroom. So you could use for camping im sure youll het a few funny looks at the campground.. Im very happy how this is turning out and looking forward to making a few contacts during field with it. A special thanks goes out Dennis kb9ofm and to Lloyd Vandervort n9rpu and Peter Fox kb9wzd for their help in this on going project. 20171101_174038.jpg 20171025_204517.jpg 20171101_174045.jpg 20161123_234737.jpg 20171101_174021.jpg 20171101_174038.jpg 20171025_204517.jpg 20171101_174045.jpg 20161123_234737.jpg

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  9. K3SZ

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    Under the awning of my travel trailer.



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