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Best portable hf rig

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by N1QWI, May 2, 2015.

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  1. K8BYP

    K8BYP Ham Member QRZ Page

    14.8. Its a matter of battery chemistry, not the vehicle. If its less than that, somethings broken.They cannot vary below about 14.2 without causing loss of ignition power (significant down to about 13.8. severe less than that) which leads to engine overheating. Anything below about 13.8 leads to poor engine running and short battery life.

    NICE FLAG!!!
  2. N1GMV

    N1GMV Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My 817nd as cute as it looks sounds more like an Archer Space Patrol walkie talkie with all the static. On CW there is no filtering, can barely make out who I am communicating with if anyone strong comes anywhere near me. Tiny face plate and need to keep a pair of reading glasses nearby if you want to be able to read the microscopic info such as power levels, Tone and duplex.
    Receiver is far worse than my $99 Grundig. This thing does not even come with a bail to prop it up on the table.
    Compared it to my TenTec kit and my Oak Hill Kit, this is FAR FAR worse than either, in fact this is the worst transceiver I have ever purchased. I strongly suggest you try one before you buy one.
  3. M6KVV

    M6KVV Ham Member QRZ Page

    an alnico dx 70 th there bomb proof don't do uhf and vhf but run 160 through 6 meters work well and simple to use . great little rig for mobile /..
  4. GM1FLQ

    GM1FLQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Kenwood TS50.........better built and more bombproof with very conservatively rated PA.

    Agree with others on TS480 also.
  5. GM1FLQ

    GM1FLQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Watch the 706 range also........once you stray downwards from 13.8v they also start to shut down very rapidly, even on receive. Quite ironic and rediculous really that they should churn out a mobile/portable radio with this characteristic......and they are also current hungry on receive.
  6. W8JX

    W8JX Ham Member QRZ Page

    TS50 is a poor choice today. Much better new and used rigs than it. Not only is the 50b lacking in features and performance it is getting very long in tooth too. If you go Kenwood 480 is way to go not 50
  7. GM1FLQ

    GM1FLQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Agree with your view of 480 and of course it would be my choice ahead of a TS50, it's an often under-rated and overlooked rig.
    I would still have a TS50, they are very rugged and were used very successfully in a beacon project where they ran faultlessly 24/7. They don't have a speech processor but I have never heard a bad one on the air, in fact they sound rather good even on the standard hand mic and have plenty of audio punch. No overheating issues like other small form factor rigs and yes they are a bit basic by todays standards but perhaps better built than some of todays standards.
  8. W8JX

    W8JX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Selectivity lacks on 50 as does noise blanking too. I have used one a few times and was not impressed.
  9. GM1FLQ

    GM1FLQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wouldn't argue that it lacks in these areas and it is no match for TS480 but what
    I should have said is that I would have it any day over its small form factor peers such as IC706,7000,7100 / DX70 / FT857. In years to come I would hedge my bets on there being proportionaly more TS50s still fully working somewhere in the world than there will be of the other aforementioned small form factor models - even with the time advantage being significantly on their side.
  10. W8JX

    W8JX Ham Member QRZ Page

    You will have no argument from me against TS50 not being a better rig for heavy use than a smaller form factor rig. As you know a 100 watt rig has to dissipate same energy big or small. No magic physics here.

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