Best logging program to use with LoTW?

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by AA2HM, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. AA2HM

    AA2HM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got my LoTW all set up and now need a logging program.

    What program will work well and EASY with LoTW? I prefer one that will do the TQ8 and upload steps for me.

    Will the QRZ online log book, upload a TQ8 to LoTW?

    Thanks 73
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  2. N3QVB

    N3QVB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use DX Keeper ( One-button upload and download of QSOs to LoTW. Its part of DX Lab Suite of programs which are free and have great product support. I don't know anything about the QRZ online log.
  3. W6SA

    W6SA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I agree. The DXLab Suite is fantastic and best of all it is Free. Dave AA6YQ has done a marvelous job with this suite and his support is excellent. A bit of a learning curve at first but once you are all set up it is a pleasure to work with. Once you have your logs in DXkeeper you will want to run Spot Collector. It highlights the band/modes and new DX that you still need to work.
  4. WA8UEG

    WA8UEG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I use Logger32, it's free and does everything. Lotw is a free add on and all you do is click one button to convert and upload all contacts since your last upload. Takes less then 5 seconds. Eqsl is clicking 1 button or you can have an automatic upload whenever a qso is added to the log. Logger32 is a great program but has a steep learning curve to fully take advantage of all it will do such as voice & CW keyer, digital modes, DX spots, rig control, grayline, previous qso's, beacons, award tracking, new country alerts, new grid alerts, qrz info, previous contacts etc, etc..
  5. N0IU

    N0IU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD)... the free version. Uploading to LoTW is not 100% automatic, but once you put in your credentials, all you have to do is click on the entry (or entries) in your log and select the option to upload to LoTW and that's it! HRD can also be set up to upload to eQSL 100% automatically. Once the call is in the log, it is on its way!

    The heart of HRD is rig control, but it also has a great digital interface called DM780 which has just about every digital mode known to man except for Joe Taylor's modes.
  6. K2CD

    K2CD Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    +1 for DXLab Suite. Use as much or as little as of it as you like. I was dragged kicking and screaming into LoTW. Now I can't imagine how I ever got along with it. I used Hyperlog, an old DOS based logging program for many years. DXLab made importing the old log file as painless as can be, and didn't muff up my QSL statistics, which I was very afraid was going to happen. Good luck with whatever you decide on. :)

    73/DX, Mike, K2CD
  7. AA2HM

    AA2HM Ham Member QRZ Page

  8. N3QVB

    N3QVB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Halfway down the page click the Download tab on the far right.
  9. AA2HM

    AA2HM Ham Member QRZ Page

    takes me to another page wher ei can't find the DL :)
  10. AA2HM

    AA2HM Ham Member QRZ Page

    found it, thanks
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