Best Logging program for Amateur radio

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by W5INC, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. AA6YQ

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    That's true if all you want is basic transceiver control and logging. That's far from true if you want things like satellite tracking, support for multi-signal decoding, or real-time award tracking -- and there's lots of territory in between.

    Make a list of the capabilities you consider essential, and a list of the capabilities you consider "nice to have". Rule out any candidates that don't provide your essential capabilities.

    Some ops consider computer-based transceiver control and logging to be unnecessary; others won't touch a logging application that can't with a single mouse click QSY their transceiver to a spotted DXpedition's RX and TX frequencies and rotate their antenna to the correct heading.

    Beware of the tendency for posters to declare capabilities their favorite application lacks as "unnecessary" and capabilities their favorite application does well as "essential".

    When your list of candidates is down to ~4 or less, post a question on each candidate's support group/forum and see how how helpful a response you receive, and after how long a delay.

    Follow up by asking where you can find the list of reported but not-yet-corrected defects, and ask how long on average it takes for such defects to be corrected. Consider whether or not you can live with the defects on that list, and with the expected repair timing.
  2. W5INC

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    Lots of homework to do there K7MH. I downloaded the DXLabs guy and this will be the first test mule. Just got done filling out the fields in DXKeeper and will be setting up the rest of the apps that I need. Easy to setup really and with a little practice on the software it should be easy to use. Looks like it is bulletproof from OP errors which is always a good thing for newbies like myself. :) TNX once agn to the Forum members who supplied the answers to my original question.
  3. AA8IA

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    I don't think you'll be disappointed. At first I was overwhelmed. There are a gazillion configuration options all over the place. Fortunately, in most cases they defaulted to things that were sensible in my circumstance. When I've had questions, they were quickly answered via the Yahoo! group. I'm loving every minute of it now. Been running it for somewhere between 1-2 months, and I'm not finally managing to get my QSLing in order. I have sat on some cards for two years because I felt the whole QSLing via postal mail to DX countries was more than I could handle. [Simple things like this tend to be difficult for me]. I switched to DXLab so it would help me organize things better, which ultimately will facilitate much quicker QSL turnaround time. I've already sent out a bunch of QSLs and just received about 50 more today from the bureau, so I'm going to be busy in DXKeeper preparing to send outgoing cards.

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