Bencher BY-1 realistic top-end speeds

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by KE0EYJ, Nov 13, 2015.

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  1. WB2WIK

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    It may be, but for me it's always been the opposite! I could always copy faster than I can send, and still can -- this has become worse with age.:(

    I can still copy ~50 wpm if it's well-sent. I used to be able to just about send that fast with a Bencher or any decent paddle, but now find myself not really able to do that. ~40 wpm seems to be my top end without making multiple mistakes.

    Getting old is a bummer.
  2. VK3KTT

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    being on the learning trail my self like you i use to go off at speed when sending i can cq @ 28-30 wpm and send my call and report for dx qso @ 30 wpm. sending helped me learn the letter start sending big reams of text you will soon learn the letters but as they say rxing is the key i find my self back to 14-16 wpm in qso now. I mainly do sota or parks qso's in cw and of course dx i started with decoders and key board and find i am moving away from that now my skills have improved. make sure you sending is clean and well spaced and echo back feature makes sure your sending correctly. nothing i hate more than badly sent morse i pride my self that my cw can be decoded easily by a machine. i use a begali expedition but i struggled with a crappy chinese red paddle key for ages till i was ready to reward my self. your speed problems are cause you are new. learn the letters learn to send clearly then notch up the speed about 3-5 wpm faster than you can comfortably send then drop back the speed will improve. but what are you going to do when someone answers you @ 25 wpm ? i have been there done that its not fun. especially when its t6eu Afganistan and you miss him. good luck on your journy mine is fun been at it for 16 months jsut got my cw dxcc confirmed and 144 worked in cw.

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