Bench Therapy - RFI & What to do about it!

Discussion in 'Videos and Podcasts' started by KA6WKE, Sep 27, 2019.

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  1. KA6WKE

    KA6WKE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bench Therapy Live! -- RFI & What to do about it.

    In this Session!

    This session is all about Radio Frequency Intereference (RFI) discussing techniques to greatly reduce or eliminate it. I'll go over grounding, filtering, antennas, noise cancellers and radio features to make your radio time enjoyable again. Be sure to grab your favorite beverage and a notepad for this session! Join me October 5th 10:30 Pacific / 13:30 Eastern / 17:30 UTC HERE!

    New website! Be sure to check it out! Not all content has been moved from the old website just yet but it will eventually return.

    Coming Up!
    I'm starting a new session called Fixit Friday. As it sounds, this session will be all about repairing electronics. I have quite a stash of equipment that needs repair. I'll be breaking repair down into basic steps so you can learn how to fix your own electronics. This session will be somewhat sparodic so on my YouTube channel, please click the Subscribe button and to the right the bell so you'll be notified when a session is starting.

    Bench Therapy is live streamed on the first Saturday of each month - except for January.
    You can access the live stream directly here: Bench Therapy Live!
    Please like my Facebook Page: Facebook
    I'm on Twitter! KA6WKE
    Very low volume EMail Announcement: EMail Announcement
    Oh yeah, I have a website too!

    73! Mark KA6WKE
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    I have checked it and its amazing. I waiting for it tills the giving date. Nice and keep it up.
  3. M6AGL

    M6AGL Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is something I'm very interested in as I'm self taught by repair of broken items. If you can explain what actually happened to cause the death of an item that would be useful, and in some cases bad design that almost makes it inevitable.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  4. KA6WKE

    KA6WKE Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. KA6WKE

    KA6WKE Ham Member QRZ Page

    You're welcome. My goal with Fix-it Fridays or Salvage Saturdays is to take someone who wants to learn how to repair electronics without any experience with electronics.
  6. M6AGL

    M6AGL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Loved the video. Thank you for taking the time to explain things. Maybe someone should make slab ferrite in 48" blocks just for us and sit it on the bench and pass everything through it. Often wondered what the new ferrofluid would do, or repurposed VHS tapes as a wire wrap? Plenty of them going in the bin. What would happen if they were melted and reformed? Maybe not enough density and FeO. We are basically making a very lossy transformer. Interesting though.

    I liked the LCD repair too. I've done a few of those now, and hinges. All my house TV's bar one was scrap. Washing machine has been apart about 10 times !Fridge and cooker 3 times.
    Bought a hot air rework station which helps with smd rework....and now I can weld ABS with it too. I now make most of my projects using SMD's - less drilling.

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