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Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KN4FLF, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. KN4FLF

    KN4FLF Ham Member QRZ Page

    New General with a new HFradio has questions.

    Everything is unpacked. Nothing has been connected.

    Turned on the ASTRON p/s. Pretty good hum. Something to worry about?

    There are ring connectors to connect the radio wiring harness to the P/S. Crimp or solder?

    I don’t have a tuner, have a Chameleon EMCOOM II antenna. Radio is an ICOM 7610. Can I connect them together without worry?

    Any other concerns prior to powering everything up?
  2. G0JUR

    G0JUR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Best advice I can offer is Read the manual! something that seems to get overlooked when people aquire new gear :p

    your hum is nothing to worry over atm
    the radio has an internal tuner so should be ok with that antenna (never seen one so not completely sure)

    In a short time you will get a multitude of facts and opinions to sort through good luck and enjoy the "hobby"
  3. KN4FLF

    KN4FLF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have read the manual.
  4. KS2G

    KS2G Subscriber QRZ Page


    No insult intended, but based on the rudimentary nature of your questions, it sounds to me like you would benefit from some IN PERSON help as you get going in HF.

    Consider contacting/joining a local club to connect with an Elmer or two.

    There are half-a-dozen clubs within 25 miles of you.

    You can find them here:

    Best of luck.
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  5. KN4FLF

    KN4FLF Ham Member QRZ Page

    No insult intended. I am a member of a local club. Radio has been in hand for a week. I travel extensively and didn’t get in until late yesterday. Hope to get the radio turned on today. Due to my travel I have yet to establish any relationships with any local operators.

    Yes the questions are low level. Once I finish with coffee I hope to go out and setup the antenna.
  6. AA7QQ

    AA7QQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK, I will make a general suggestion.
    It seems to me, that you are very new to ham radio/HF.
    I would personally suggest yo use a dummy load, just to get used to the radio. That way, you have less of a chance of pressing the wrong thing, transmitting into a bad SWR & toasting your new radio's final PA modules.
    There can be so many combinations of button pushes, that you "COULD" transmit, without knowing.

    Also, tune around, play, listen.


  7. AB8MA

    AB8MA Subscriber QRZ Page

    Might want to wait a bit.

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  8. KN4FLF

    KN4FLF Ham Member QRZ Page

  9. N5AVF

    N5AVF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Before connecting a new, untested DC supply to a radio, I would pull out the trusty voltmeter and check the supply output. The Astron RS-35M I recently purchased came with the output around 12.5V AND had several 1/2-inch long bits of solder floating around inside the case. I was less than impressed.

    This was a new supply from HRO.
  10. KN4FLF

    KN4FLF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Perfect. Have to run to the office to get my multimeter. Thanks.

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