Baofeng UV- 5R models

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KC9YAR, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. K3NXU

    K3NXU Ham Member QRZ Page

  2. KI4CH

    KI4CH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I cant help you. but wanted to say that I had an IC2at and it lasted for years and years. They just don't make radios like they use to
    back in the good old days. I got into Ham Radio back in 1969. I have the UV-5ra and the UV-B5. Both radios are good ones.

    Some times you can find the Icom IC2at on Ebay.

    Paul KI4CH
  3. K3NXU

    K3NXU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Life was so much simpler back them.
    Rotate the 3 thumbs wheel dials, select + or -, Hi or Lo power, and talk.

    The was no PC software... In fact, there were no PCs
    John K3NXU
  4. WS2L

    WS2L Guest

    I bought the UV-5R basically because of the price, it's cheap and you know how the old saying goes "You get what you pay for" ?

    Well I should have spent the extra money and purchased a VX6R instead of this piece of garbage. First it has lousy TX and RX audio on 144 MHz yet it works perfectly on 440 MHz. I have this continuous problem where the radio/keyboard locks up and you can not enter anything into the radio through the keyboard. Luckily someone suggested a fix where you hold down the "#" for 2 seconds and the radio unlocks, that works. The problem is that the radio constantly freezes up so I find I have to do this fix very often.

    The radio will transmit everywhere that it receives which I wish it would not do that but there's nothing I can do about that. I have my squelch set to the maximum number (9) and there is this popping sound that constantly breaks the squelch which makes for annoying listening. I got rid of the stock antenna and bought a Diamond SRJ77CA which is darn close to being a foot long but it really helps both your TX as well as RX signals. From my home I can access my club's repeater on UHF with 5 watts and the repeater is just over 11 miles away.

    Overall I give this radio a poor rating. I like to use both VHF and UHF and the VHF side of this radio is lousy but for some reason the UHF side of this radio is absolutely excellent. The radio comes standard with a drop in charger which is what I would buy as an option to most handheld radio's. You can change the color scheme to several different colors for specific things you are doing with the radio. I bought a cheap radio and I got just what I paid for and I will regret it until I buy another HT. I am thinking about giving this radio to a newly licensed Technician who has yet to buy there first radio.
  5. KJ6LXX

    KJ6LXX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have 2 VX-6R's. I like them.
    I just recently bought a UV-5RE plus ($40)

    I did a test on a local repeater that has a hill in the way. The UV-5RE was heard by others better than my VX-6 with a Diamond SRH77CA.
    The Baofeng has flaws and things I don't like. It also has things I do like.

    The Boefeng costs less than the software for my VX-6 and the Chirp software for the UV-5 is free and works fine.
    Get the VX-6 if you want one. But at 1/7 the price don't be disapointed. Toss it in your car for emergency or something :)

    Oh and does anyone recommend a headset for these?
  6. KW4MP

    KW4MP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have one of the UV-5R+ radios. I bought it as my first radio to listen while I determined if I was going to go through with taking the tech exam. So far, I like it. It's inexpensive, and seems to work very well. My local repeater is pretty close and I haven't attempted simplex contacts yet but I havent had any problems so far.

    The "problem" where the radio/keyboard locks up and you cant enter anything is not a problem, its an option. Go to MENU-24 and turn AUTOLK off. That should fix your problem.

    So far, my only complaint is not being able to enter names when manually programming and switching from band a to band b for transmit automatically when in dual band mode.
  7. K6LCS

    K6LCS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    >> ... They just don't make radios like they use to back in the good old days.

    No, they don't.

    Classic old HTs like the Alinco DJ-580T, Icom IC-W21a, Kenwood TH-78, Standard C558a
    (my first dual-band HT!) and the Yaesu FT-530 are long out of production ...

    In their day, they offered ...

    -MAXIMUM of 50 memories per band out of the box
    -Average battery capacity of stock battery packs? About 750mAH.
    -Wide receive out of the box? Not all of 'em
    -Street price average? Average $468. I said, AVERAGE of the five units!
    -Alphanumerics in display? Not all of 'em, if any.
    -Computer programming? Hahahahahahah
    -Ease of manual programming? Another laugher ...

    Yes, the good old days, indeed. When the '558a with spare battery, memory chip to
    DOUBLE capacity to a whopping 200 memories, and a speaker mic set me back about $700.

    What's available today?

    The Yaesu FT-60R. Since 2004, one of the finest values in the industry.

    -1,000 memories - alphanumeric, too
    -receives (essentially) 108-to-a-gig. Receives aircraft band in AM, too.
    -1400mAH NiMH pack standard
    -bulletproof case design*
    -strongest belt clip of ANY amateur radio chassis on the market
    -easy to manually program
    -and a GREAT battery situation - when using the optional FBA-25 AA alkaline/NMH case,
    you have FULL TX POWER available to you (if you really need it)! Try that on, say, a Kenwood
    TH-F6a, and you only hand one-half of a Watt TX power ...

    All that for less than $150.

    I do not want a radio built like the "ones in the old days." We have a classic HT available to
    us right now - at an incredible price.

    Clint K6LCS

    (*) - Not literally bulletproof ... but many audiences have seen me toss/roll a FT-60R across
    the room to show off its durability. Do not try that at home: it's a "trick" - it is a controlled rolling
    of the HT across carpet floors. But there are MANY HTs in production that I would NEVER try that with!

    DRWEED QRZ Member

    I have purchased a new Baofeng UV-5r+ from Amazon. I read the manual but it is very lame. I can't get my Baofeng to make a sound. Even on FM radio I can't get anything. The Batt is full and everything on display seems to be normal. I am wondering if my radio is defective or if I am missing something. I am a newbie. I just passed the Technician exam but due to FCC shutdown don't expect to get my call sign any time soon. If anyone is familiar with this radio and can tell me if I am missing something obvious please let me know. Anything? Since I don't have a call sign I'd at least like to HEAR something, if only the FM radio.
  9. WS2L

    WS2L Guest

    I bought the UV-5R because I needed an HT for a communications event and my VX-6R had died on me and was short on money to buy a new one. The deal I found was $76 shipping included and I thought how bad could it be ?
    Well this is one of the times I should have remembered him always saying "You get what you pay for" and boy was he right.
    The very thing (and not so bad) I noticed was that the radio transmitted everywhere that it received. That would have came in handly back when I was an EMT and Paramedic and we were allowed to have our own radio's if we were on the First Aid Squad. The next thing I noticed while testing my audio while using the DVR on the club repeater which is a dual band ( 146.760 & 443.200 ) I was able to listen to my transmitted audio on both VHF & UHF. When I tested on 146 MHz I found my TX audio to be distorted and overmodulated despite having the HT at least 8 inches away from my mouth. I also found the RX audio to not be very good at all on any repeater that I could normally access with the VX-6R.
    Next I tested the radio out on 443 MHz and the audio was perfect and the RX audio and signals were also very good. Mush to my surprise I can bring up the 443 MHz side of the repeater while inside my QTH and also RX that side of the repeater which is 11.2 miles away from my QTH. On the VHF side I can not hear the repeater at all.
    Recently I had the radio lock up on me and I was unable to use the Reset option because that is located in the Menu and all of the keys were locked and I could not access anything ! After making a posting here on QRZ it was suggested to me to hold down the "*" button for 2 seconds and it would unlock the keyboard and much to my surprise it did work. The radio still constantly locks up on me and I am thinking about buying a new VX-6R. If I do that I am planning to give this UV-5R away to any new club member who recently received their license but does not have any radio yet.
    So basically I have a UHF HT that works great on UHF and on VHF I have a simplex frequency programmed in so that I won't have to hear anything else other then the Club UHF repeater. I very often travel to the town where the repeater is located so I bring the HT with me as I currently have no radio of any kind in my truck.
    Would I buy another UV-5R if I had to buy another HT ? He** NO !
    I would save up some money and go with a brand name HT.
  10. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Don't know what the problem is, but try pushing the MON (lowest) button to open the squelch. Should at least hear noise.

    Wonder if the ext speaker (SP) jack might be stuck. Try pushing a mini plug in and out several times. A long shot.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
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