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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by WA2IVN, Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. WA2IVN

    WA2IVN Ham Member QRZ Page

    The owner operator of Autek Research is SK. He passed away several years ago after a long illness so anyone having issues with Autek that resulted in being not dealt with or incoherent or rude phone calls or faulty equipment know that you were dealing with someone in the varying stages of a slow cancer death. I just bought out his test equipment and station from his daughter and after some research on what he was building at the time of his passing may buy out what he had leftover in production units and finish those units out, maybe. Autek was for the most part a one man operation being run out of his QTH with one helper from time to time. I am at the moment semi retired and am not sure that I want to take on the work and expense of reviving this business. At this point no sales, repairs or tech info is being offered by Autek research so this company should be considered defunked.
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  2. KS2G

    KS2G Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Autek made excellent products.

    I got terrific results from their QF1A active audio filter back in pre-DSP times, and I still have --and love-- a last-version (lighted) WM-1 swr/pwr meter.

    But he was annoyingly famous for refusing to provide schematic diagrams or much in the way of any kind of technical support, even many years ago.

    Still, RIP.
  3. KC3RN

    KC3RN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Autek had some interesting products. I have an old QF1 (non-"A") that still works great. I'd love to get one of the small antenna analyzers....

    If you buy out the remaining in-progress units, you should probably ask for the documentation of the whole product line as well. That would give you the basis for a cool garage business should you choose to revive it. Personally, I'd love to see Autek back in business. Put me down for an antenna analyzer.
  4. K7MEM

    K7MEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a Autek QF-1A and a MK1 Memory Keyer. I like them both and they are still in regular use. The difference between the QF-1 and QF-1A is that the "A" added a HP filter selection and included a notch filter on the input. For the filters, the circuitry didn't change much, but the audio amp was replaced by a LM-380. I think the QF-1 may have had a better audio amp.

    A predecessor to the Autek QF-1 and QF-1A was the "Autek Q-Box". It was introduced in 1973. The QF-1 didn't come out until 1977. There is a review of the "Q-Box" in the January 1973 issue of 73 Magazine. It was a very simple audio filter that was fixed at 800 Hz center frequency. But the selectivity was variable from 2 KHz down to 30 Hz. The selectivity control was the only external control. Here is a link to the Q-Box Review.

    Everyone was at the time. And it is no wonder. If you start matching up designs from that time, you will find out that many were almost the same thing. For example, MFJ had a audio filter (MFJ-752) that was much the same as the QF-1A. I also have a MFJ-752B. Then there is the MK1 Memory Keyer. The keyer portion of the unit is a exact copy of the Heathkit HD-1410. With the exception that the MK1 was CMOS and the HD-1410 was TTL. I don't really care which one came first or who borrowed from the other. I just find the designs interesting.
  5. WD5JKO

    WD5JKO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would like to hear more about the Autek OM, pictures, history, etc..

    As to the schematics, I found some of the RF1 done by WA0JOW. I attach them here..


    Attached Files:

  6. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great filter for CW. Newer radios with DNR works better on SSB. I doubt today it would be as popular as in the past.
  7. KD6VXI

    KD6VXI Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, did you purchase the remaining in progress units?

  8. AB8BC

    AB8BC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'd like to know also. I have (2) WM 1 meters, one of which is in need of a new face covering for one of the meters. If these are a widely available part, can someone point me to the manufacturer he might have bought them from? 73 - Kirk AB8BC
  9. K1LKP

    K1LKP Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

  10. KL7AJ

    KL7AJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't think anyone knew what a state variable filter was until Autek taught them. Amazing little box...I had one for years

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