Australian amateurs get 2 x 1 contest callsigns

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Sep 30, 2019.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Australian amateurs get 2 x 1 contest callsigns
    The Radio Amateur Society of Australia (RASA) has successfully negotiated the issue of 2 x 1 callsigns (e.g. VK2A) for VK contest stations.

    “RASA developed terms of reference for a cross-sector committee to review options and make recommendations on how 2 x 1 callsigns could be implemented. Calls for expressions of interest to join the committee were promulgated widely. The committee was comprised of experienced contesters from across Australia” RASA President, Glenn VK4DU said.

    “The committee developed a series of recommendations, which we discussed with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).”

    “I am very pleased to report that ACMA have agreed to our recommendations and that the VK 2 x 1 block (i.e. VK0A-VK9Z) will be made available for contest stations” Glenn said.

    The block will be managed directly by the ACMA’s outsourced provider, the Australian Maritime College (AMC). AMC will issue a letter of authorisation to each successful applicant. There will be no separate licence issued.

    2 x 1 callsigns will be available for Advanced licence holders, and each callsign will be issued for 12 months. The callsigns are only for use in contests – they are not available for general use.

    “Because of the limited number of callsigns available, the applicant must illustrate an ongoing commitment to contest operation by making a minimum 750 contacts over 4 contests in a 12-month period.” Glenn said.

    The AMC is currently preparing for implementation of the new callsign block. A further announcement will follow when AMC is ready to start issuing callsigns.

  2. VK3VM

    VK3VM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well done - an extremely positive and fair outcome for Australian and International Amateurs.

    I know that Glenn Dunstan VK4DU and the rest of the representative team that he leads at The Radio Amateur Society of Australia put a lot of work and documentation forward to The ACMA to break the decision making impasse here.

    Please no RASA bashing - they have done a fabulous job and have won a hard-fought advancement for AR. Yes efforts from other groups are recognised - but all must acknowledge the final push from RASA that got this advancement over the line.
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  3. N3EG

    N3EG Ham Member QRZ Page

    And hopefully MAJOR contests, not just an AU prefix contest or AU-only sweepstakes.
  4. VK2OZ

    VK2OZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes it sounds great but why does one not use his or hers assigned original call sign what's wrong with that just adding more complexities into the hobby of Amateur radio anyway so be it i for one wont be into this and secondly not into contests but that is my own preference .
    RASA great work how about putting in a fight to give us the option of using one kilo watt .
  5. VK3VM

    VK3VM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    [QUOTE="RASA great work how about putting in a fight to give us the option of using one kilo watt ."[/QUOTE]

    Ummm.... Have you not read Dr. Andrew Smith VK6AS, former RASA Director's academic literature review of the 1KW Argument? Its the academic base of all arguments put forward.

    That review has been put to the ACMA and warmly received.

    Where is the WIA's Academic and Technological Review? Where is professional-standard and academically-valid documentation from the WIA that must be read when issues are put forward? Is it greater than the 2 pages as was the last WIA response to the High power trial?

    Oh, its heading on a plane to Egypt smoking Cuban cigars and 100 yo whisky! I forgot !
  6. VK3QB

    VK3QB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Earl. (N3EG) the 2*1 callsigns will be eligible for use in all local and international contests.
  7. VK2LEE

    VK2LEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, 26 VK Contest stations in each State & Territory can have & use a VK2A etc Contest Callsign.... This will be great for the many BIG Contest Stations across Australia...
    Well Done... VK2LEE Lee
  8. VK2LEE

    VK2LEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    International and VK contests from what I have read..... but really I believe they should be able to use the callsign all the year regardless....

    The AX callsign cannot be used in Contests in Australia.... and any special event callsigns cannot be used either like VI3FLYNN VI150SYD VI2NSW etc..

    Lee VK2LEE
  9. VK3OT

    VK3OT Ham Member QRZ Page

    VJ VL allowed offers 78 per state unsure why no VI was considered but for CQWW WPX great incentive for Overseas to chase Aussies (not VK).
    Like Zulu Mike in ZL.
    The review should NOT see the call reissued to another amateur or like my VK9XT call which saw absolute confusion as to whom was qsl manager?
    I still get cards from 1988 ops not mine. LOTW will prevent this to some extent.
    The fee for service of the vanity is high compared with USA which is free!
    Time will tell if 78 per state take it on?
    Are there 78 entries ever in CQWW from VK?
    Except for the prefix and speed of a 2x1 in qsos per hour advantage in WPX is obvious, on cw some fast, some horrible to send.
    And just about everyone in usa and europe has g one 2x1.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2020

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