Arrow Antenna Hand Held Portable- confused....

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by KF0FQL, Jul 25, 2021.

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  1. KS1G

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    @KA0USE, I have a more portable version (legs fold up) of the Park Tool bike repair stand. Pluses: Rugged, heavy and stable, clamps strong enough to support M2 antennas (used mine as a support jig during assembly). And it is an EXCELLENT bike stand for repairs, cleaning, etc. Minuses for satellites: heavy, expensive, not really intended for satellite az/el, balancing clamping force with ability to twist for polarization, overkill if you do not wrench on your bicycles. But easy resale to bike nuts if you change your mind! You can get a quality heavy duty tripod with a strong tilt/pan head and rig up a mount for an Arrow that will work better, be more transportable, and cost less; as well as the many hand-hold approaches. Search this forum for ideas and pix.
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  2. KS1G

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    Advantage of the diplexer option - can use the 2M side as a LPF to block the 3rd harmonic from desensing your downlink radio on AO27, SO50, Lilacsat, ISS repeater. Just don't transmit more power than the 10W spec.
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  3. KA0USE

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    that was a representation of my stand. mine has the same head, but the feet fold up. it's been dis-
    continued for some years, but the head is still current. i bought it off ebay for <$100 (incl ship),
    new in original park shipping box from a shop in ny/nj that was going out of business.
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