ARRL report - No Consensus Reached for FCC on “Symbol Rate” Issues

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W0PV, Jul 17, 2019.

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  1. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here are the only 97.221 (c) winlink stations the FCC has any jurisdiction over (this is 40 meters ONLY) -- but my data suggested that 40 is the BIGGEST issue, and that even then it is around a hundredth of 1% issue....

    070049Z N5TW EM10CP 7,091.500 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Georgetown, TX, USA
    070156Z W2GSA FN20WD 7,090.500 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Eatontown, NJ, USA
    070156Z AJ4GU EM83AL 7,089.500 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 MCDONOUGH, GA, USA
    070049Z NX4AC EM81DD 7,089.000 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Moultrie, GA, USA
    070248Z W6IDS EM79NV 7,084.500 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Richmond, IN, USA
    070031Z KB5MAC EM20FA 7,082.500 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Houston, Tx, USA
    070044Z KP3CR FK68NG 7,082.000 KHz WINMOR 1600 00-23 Lares, Puerto Rico, USA <----this Puerto Rico station may be using too wide a signal!!! A configuration goof. I can send an email to ask about that one......I've caught these kinds of goofs before....

    070105Z WB9FHP EM68SM 7,075.500 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Paoli, IN, USA
    070049Z N5TW EM10CP 7,066.500 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Georgetown, TX, USA
    062215Z N5TW EM10CJ 7,066.000 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Georgetown, TX, USA
    070230Z W0MAC EM20GA 7,066.000 KHz WINMOR 500 00-23 Houston, TX, USA
    070301Z AK4SK EM60VL 7,064.000 KHz WINMOR 500 10-05 Freeport, FL, United States

    Is there a problem with any of those frequencies themselves? My previous data indicated that these sorts of american stations were only used for a hundredth of a percent of the available time/bandwidth..... Doesn't seem like much at all?

    Maybe there is something I don't understand here. if you are hearing pactor on any other frequencies than those on 40're listening to a foreign station, and often US amateurs do appear to have legal rghts to make DX contacts such as those.....although the 3rd party rules can be challenging for other parts of the world....

    anyway, would be interested in your response to those freuencies. If there is a real issue with any of them, I suspect a simple phone call would handle it nicely.
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  2. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sent an email to Steve to ask him about KP3CR. Steve is older than me, and probably asleep now but he'll see it tomorrow. We'll all probably survive until then (grin). I still have to deal with hams who can't figure out where "80 meters" is versus where "20 meters" a lot of people make errors.....some more hilarious than others.

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  3. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for referencing that. I read through the entire thing. Makes a lot of great points. I'm not as famiiar with the Canadians....does their society general segregate cw/data from voice like the Americans, or do they really intermingle? I havne't heard canadian voice on the frequencies I listen to very much at all.
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  4. KB9MWR

    KB9MWR Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. K2NCC

    K2NCC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think too many people assume others know where all the "sandboxes" are. Believe or not, there's likely folks who've never heard of modes familiar to many or even most other hams.
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  6. WZ7U

    WZ7U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Huh, I still have the 75+ pages. I must've missed the other one.
  7. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You left out the stations running P1&2, what about the other narrow Winlink modes operating under 97.221(c)? A quick look at the Winlink RMS list shows more stations than your list, at least it looks like NS0A got some sanity and moved off of 3510. Oh, take a look at WG3G and tell me that station is legal, from that QTH, with that call, he also runs P1&2 on 7036.9. Per usual you are working with faulty, or incomplete, information

    No, 40m isn't the biggest issue. The biggest issue slapped you upside the head multiple times, and it still hasn't sunk in. Please don't ask me to expand and detail the issue, won't be any different result this time around.
    Oh,oh, did I just generate another footnote? :)
  8. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wg3. — you are correct— he doesn’t LOOK right, but I don’t know exactly what arrangements he may have made, so can’t comment for sure. You could email him and Lor and point out the issue and they will take care of it.

    Generally, if you search for winmor you get pretty much everybody. There are rare occasions where someone will run just some other technique , but usually most people run all their techniques on their win more frequency.

    Apparently none of those frequencies really caused any real interference, since nobody mentioned any.

    The gentleman you were so upset at, Told me he just made a goof when he set it all up. They fixed it.
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  9. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    You may be right! Here is where a little education could help. Lord knows I have had to explain some things a bunch of times to some people. (Grin!)
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  10. K2NCC

    K2NCC Ham Member QRZ Page

    One thing I find difficult is convincing people that digital-modes, even FT8, aren't as "automatic" as they think.
    You can tell right-off someone with close to zero experience when they parrot such nonsense.

    Anyone who's worked on a computer with any diligence knows that setting up a digi-mode can be at least as difficult as CW or phone.
    Some folks gotta call tech-support just to set up a printer. ;)

    It took me about a month (Army 05D) to get to 20GPM in Morse code.
    It took me years to log 100+ keyboard-to-keyboard methods.

    And there's about 1000 modes and methods at our fingertips. I have one single book that has ~800 of them in it.

    I hope I live long enough to work-'em-all! :)

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