ARRL Proposal to Give Technicians More Operating Privileges

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by NW7US, Apr 10, 2019.

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  1. K8XG

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    Folks I have mentored didn't even need any books. Just use the QRZ practice tests, and learn why each wrong answer is wrong till you get it right. Take that test 3 times a day for 3 or 4 days a week and in 2 weeks you can pass the Tech and General.

    And if you want a book, these PDF files are free!

    By Dan, KB6NU produces them for free. If you want a real book, he has them on Amazon for ~$14
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  2. ND6M

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  3. K0GOV

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    All you need is this book and a desire for knowledge. I read through it one time and I've been ripping through passing practice exams ever since (a couple weeks) without even really committing a lot of new info to memory yet.
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  4. K8XG

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    ^ While I update my ARRL membership for 3 years each time, I do not like their license manuals; never did. The W5YI books were much better in my day of using them for Extra and I send them as gifts to folks looking to upgrade to Extra and I have had an FCC Radio Telephone [needed for alignment and repair of commercial radios] permit back in 1980.

    The free PDFs KB6NU is doing are almost as good as the W5YI groups books.
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  5. KD0QG

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    For what it is worth either way,... If CW and Novice license was no longer required when I when I got my ticket around the very last of the 70's that I probably would still be a lifetime Novice? Teck today... I was a route driver and I desired the use of the 2 meter repeaters for extended communication plus safety and survival and it very well served that purpose on the routes plus I became friends with many along the routes. .. But because I had the CW HF experience threw communication on the Novice bands I acquired the desire to go on. Several years later I got the chance to make the 30 mile trip to the FCC testing event in spring of 1984 and went from Novice/Teck to Advanced .. By then I had no trouble copying the 20 wpm code but misted out on the Extra.. Hey.. That was good enough for me and I set the key on the shelf and haven't been on the air on CW since..
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  6. K8XG

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    ^ I like your trip via radio.. But no reason to put the key on the Shelf...I do cw still as it is still the easiest way to make contacts with no computer and bad band conditions.. I do mostly digital and even with only a RasberryPi for a computer... but CW only needs your ear and a key...
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  7. KD0QG

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    Oh I may try again and can still recognize most of it but be a while before I would be ready to go on the air. .. When I was younger my boss was a world war fighter pilot that had been shot down and he would always tell me that you will never actually forget it. I guess he was right? ...I had got ahold of a Galaxy V while I was still a Teck and mounted on a speaker box between the seats with a 40 meter coil on the truck mirror bracket and my boss really got a big kick out of it. Sometimes he would just be leaving when I got in and we would message back and forth on our vehicle horns. Boy I bet some people wondered what the heck was going on? I guess I always tried to make it as fun as I could.. Lotta fun. Lotta memories.. And too many miles?
  8. KD0QG

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    .. I think their idea was that tecks would really keep 10 alive. but the days of it coming on the sun and being there until dark are gone now? I know in this area CB channel 19 is deader than 52 around here. but when I start hearing activity on it or 38 I realize that 10 is open. But you can then hear the beacons on 10 but no answer on anything. same on 12.. I used to have an HR 2510 on the truck and you could work all the DX you could stand back them. 10 was the best and funest band when it is alive. But the deadest when it is dead?
  9. W4AUT

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    What I'm reading in this forum, is more of the same, give me privilege's that I do not have work for (effort). Oh well, it is sad to watch the decline in this Hobby! This is a reflection in society in general.
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  10. KD0QG

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    Oh sometimes I listen across the band while doing other things at night and can still recognize and copy some signals. But I would have to practice up before I could really get into it. who knows, I may try it again someday
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