ARRL Loses Potential Members and Considerable Revenue

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by NA4DX, Apr 25, 2019.

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  1. NA4DX

    NA4DX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I emailed the ARRL the following:
    "I have been an ARRL member off and on through the years. I’ve got to tell you that at this point, however, with the ability to do just about everything via the internet and online, I’m not at all willing to pay $49 for an ARRL membership just to have a printed and mailed copy of QST! I do believe there are sufficient member benefits that I would like to take advantage of if I were able to renew at, say, $29, and enjoy those benefits without the QST subscription in print. I know that it is already a part of the normal membership so provide a membership level that includes only the online version of QST along with all the other benefits for $29 and I will renew yearly!

    You’ve got to know that I am not the only ham wishing this option were available. You are missing a substantial opportunity to bring back many of us “old-timers” and “new-comers” by not offering this type of membership. I do hope you will consider changing your position."

    Here is the reply I received from the ARRL:

    "Thank you for your email. At the present there is no immediate plans to lower the membership rate for digital QST only. I will pass your email on to our membership manager."

    It's obvious that the ARRL is not interested in reaching all licensed amateurs but more in continuing down the road as a publishing company. I encourage any and all of you who agree with me to voice your opinion and desire to see a digital only membership by emailing Just maybe the thought of missing out on all that "easy" money will entice them to do more than a one line response.


    Larry, KEØKZ
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  2. K0MB

    K0MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    No,from that email it is not "obvious." What IS obvious is that you are disappointed, and I'm OK with that.
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  3. KB9BVN

    KB9BVN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I did not renew this year...but I supported the league with a $25 donation. I will likely miss the website, won't miss QST.
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  4. KJ4VTH

    KJ4VTH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Consider it as $49 dues, with free magazine (and often a free book).
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  5. KB9BVN

    KB9BVN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I get that...but

    $20 a year for ARC dues
    $20 a year for QRP-ARCI dues PLUS a fantastic Quarterly magazine that caters to my interest in building stuff and QRP unlike QST
    $20 a year for repeater club dues

    So I sent them $25 to help out. They owe me nothing.
  6. WE6C

    WE6C Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't think it's obvious that the ARRL is not interested in reaching all licensed amateurs. Their reply was simply that they have no plans to offer another plan at this time. Nothing more.

    I do feel if they received several of the same requests, they may look into it further.
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  7. NA4DX

    NA4DX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Problem is, the magazine is NOT free. This is where the money is made. My point is that since the magazine is "already" available online to members, why not offer another level of membership where the printed version of QST is not available, only the online version, for $20 a year less. I, for one, would be happy to renew my membership so that I have access to all the other useful benefits. I've got to believe that there is a significantly large number of amateurs who would join me. Thus, this would be revenue they are not currently receiving.
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  8. KS2G

    KS2G Subscriber QRZ Page

    Exactly what's needed -- yet ANOTHER thread that ARRL dues are too high ... there should a a digital-only membership at lower cost ... there should be a senior membership at lower cost ... it's not worth being a member at any cost ... I'v cancelled my membership because ... I've never been a member and never will be ... I'm a life member ... I've been a member for years and will continue to be ... ad nauseum. ;)
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  9. NA4DX

    NA4DX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The reason I feel that it is obvious is because they had an opportunity to give some explanation as to "why" they are not interested, at this time, to offer such a membership option...not just pass it off as trivial.
  10. N4QX

    N4QX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Every digital-only subscription lowers the value of the advertising base, as print commands a premium over electronic.

    There are sound reasons why the price is the same for each medium. Electronic encouragement has a significant downside.
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