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ARRL Kids Day

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by K7EEX, Nov 27, 2017.

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  1. K7EEX

    K7EEX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I’m still fairly new to amateur radio but my daughter and I both perked up when I read about the ARRL Kids Day event/contest thing. She is studying for her Tech license but will most likely participate in the event with me under my callsign on the HF bands. It leads to a few questions:
    • Are there lots of stations that participate each year or will we be lucky to find other kid stations?
    • I saw the recommended frequencies. Are there bands that are most popular (like 20m)?
    • Do adults make contacts with the kids or is it a kids-to-kids only event?
    She’s already planning it all out… Mostly what snacks we are going to have.

    -Mark K7EEX
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  2. KM4SII

    KM4SII Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Mark!

    My name is Mason and I'm 15 years old....

    First of all, WELCOME to the hobby (you found a good one ;))! Kids Day is a very fun event and I would be glad to answer your questions:

    1. There is usually a pretty good number of stations on the air, but don't expect it to be wall-to-wall either, of course. Some stations are calling CQ (That's what I usually do) and some stations are tuning around look for other kids day stations to call. I usually call CQ since the last two years I have run a big remote contest station out of Texas that really gets out. I am still deciding if I will use the remote or my home QTH in January.

    2. Yes, most kids day stations hang out around the recommended frequencies. Most activity, it seems, is on 20m (and some 40m too), but it is worth checking the other bands too. Last year there was a kids day station in Hawaii that operated mostly on 15m. I usually spend most of my time on 20m.

    3. Oh yes, there are many adult-to-kid QSOs. I would say at least 3/4 of my QSOs are with adults, but a number of them have kids in the shack that make a contact too. Both adult-to-kid and kid-to-kid contacts are encouraged!

    Like I said, kids day is a great afternoon operating event! As long as we don't have anything else going on that day, I should be on the air either from my QTH or the remote. I will keep an ear out for you and your daughter and if you hear me, give me a shout (I usually get spotted on the cluster, so you can probably find me that way :))

    If you have any other questions, just let me know! :)

    73 de KM4SII - Mason
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  3. K7EEX

    K7EEX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for the great information Mason! My daughter Grace is also 15. We will definitely try to hunt you down on Kids Day.

    We've been almost exclusively involved in SOTA up until now. This will be something new and different for us and will allow her to get on the air and talk with other people her own age.

    As a note, I started in radio when I was in a high school radio club. I studied for my Novice license and learned 5 wpm CW. But then I graduated before I took the test and have only came back to it in the last six months. Now I'm trying to relearn CW...
  4. KM4SII

    KM4SII Ham Member QRZ Page

    No problem! And that is awesome that your daughter is also 15... there are not that many people my age interested in the hobby. None of my parents, friends, or relatives are licensed.... just me ;) Tell her I said best of luck on getting her license!

    I usually have my email open, so you can shoot me an email (it's on my QRZ page) and figure out a frequency to try if I make it to the Kids day contest.

    I have never done a "real" SOTA activation, but have done some 2m simplex from a nearby mountain. My main interests are DX and contesting....

    Good luck on the CW! I am not super great at it, but I'm getting there... slowly, but I am :)

    One other thing you all might be interested in is a very active youth net that takes place at 8 PM EST on Saturdays on the W8PIF-R Echolink node. I am there most weeks and there are usually one or two dozen other check ins. We would be more then happy to have you join us! There is some more information on the net's website ( and Facebook page.

    73 de KM4SII - Mason
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