ARRL Band Plan suggestions

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KX4O, Feb 4, 2020.

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  1. KP4SX

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  2. K0RGR

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    What's wrong with this Android radio/cellphone? It's only 70% the price of a new iPhone. If I had the dough, I think I'd have one, but we just bought new iPhones for the family. DMR and analog, with auto-lookup of the nearest repeater. This was an idea that was kicked around at several TAPR conferences, and it's nice to see it exist. Apps can change the function of the device.
  3. K0RGR

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    Two different types of telegraphy. FCC calls one 'A1' for Morse telegraphy. The other is BPSK, mode 60H0J2B or J2B for short. Morse can also be sent via J2 mode (a tone injected into a SSB transmitter).
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  4. NK2U

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    NAME CALLING??? Jeez, is that how you win argument, by calling people name with whom you don't agree with?

    de NK2U
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  5. N0DZQ

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    With all due respect, I am not able to instruct on a QRZ thread how to do research on the web. That is something you will need to do on your own. Examples were provided but it is apparent no followup was conducted. But if you are interested an Android based HT please look at this URL

    I never mentioned technology prohibition. There are are limitations to what may be integrated due to the restrictions of bandwidth but that is the card we have been dealt. I, myself, am a proponent of Pactor IV but again we are limited to bandwidth so it would not be prudent to allow it. Technology has left amateur radio in the dust (behind). You admitted to that in the last sentence of the forth paragraph “I’m just talking about Amateur radio keeping up with the neighbors.” Sorry but the glory days are gone. When we, as a hobby, have to play “catch up” with everything else it is a good indication.

    Finally, never once did I mention or imply we can’t have nice toys. If you look at the last paragraph of my posting I used the words “cool toys” for things available for both HF and other bands. I appreciate the zeal you have for the hobby. Please do more research (things are not necessarily going yo jump out at you) and if you still have an interest in Garmin’s toy, reach out to them and see if they’d make a part 97 model.
  6. AC0GT

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    There's plenty wrong with it. It's out of stock. Even if it was in stock I'm not sure it can be imported. These issues might have something to do with the largest issue, the FCC will not certify it for import. It will not be certified for import so long as it has a cell phone transceiver in it.

    This is the catch-22 I mentioned before, there's no "cool toys" in Amateur radio because the people that are interested in experimentation have been consistently driven out by old curmudgeons that tell people that want to try something new that "it's not Amateur radio".

    How can this be resolved? It's going to take messaging to newcomers that Amateur radio allows more freedom than the Part 15 and Part 95 that they've been experimenting in currently. It's going to take these old curmudgeons to wise up or (as the ARRL put it) "age out". One thing that would help in this is a new band plan that doesn't show CW only bandwidth for Technician.

    The licensing we have is sending the wrong message. The message is that HF is what is important to Amateur radio. Maybe that was true but it doesn't seem to hold up now. We should be sending a message that all bands are important, and that will require a change bigger than what it seems the ARRL is willing to support.
  7. AC0GT

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    I read your post and I'm not sure we are even having the same conversation. Either way I think I covered what needed to be said in my post above.
  8. AC0GT

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    You don't win an argument by playing the victim either.
  9. ND6M

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    or by repeated back to back to back posts that say the same thing
  10. WZ7U

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    That's OK, you don't want to read what many think of your attitude or what you call an 'argument'. You act just like those you vilify with your words, be glad the man stopped with the unembelished obvious.
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