Arecibo on 432 MHz Moon Bounce

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

  2. KI6OID

    KI6OID Ham Member QRZ Page

    Arecibo moonbounce on 432mhz

    How often does Arecibo do this, is this a one shot deal or annually?

    My Icom 91A and 208H can't do it so I need time to get a decent rig.

  3. AB9TE

    AB9TE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Never mind, i calculated the time wrong, lol, must have been all the excitement clouding my mind.
  4. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Arecibo Coverage Maps

    Arecibo Coverage Maps

    Russ, K2TXB has made available coverage maps for the Arecibo 432.045 MHz EME transmissions from Puerto Rico on April 16-18.

    He writes:

    It seems to me that there are a lot of guys asking questions about the Arecibo operation, wanting to know if and when they can work them. So I have put up three pages on my web site that show the ground coverage that the Arecibo dish will have on each of the days of operation.
    Go to:

    The first three links will show you the times and coverage for each of the three days. Generally the moon will be high in the sky when you can work them, so you should expect to build up some sort of temporary support structure that will allow you to aim your antenna up and manually position it to point at the moon. Ideally the support structure should be as low to the ground as possible and still allow the back of the antenna to clear the earth when pointed up.

    If you can see the Moon, all it will take is a visual aiming. Lay on your back under the antenna and sight along the boom to verify that the boom is pointed straight at the Moon. For short antennas this is not very critical and generally within 10-20 degrees will work.

    If you cannot see the Moon (due to cloud cover) then you need a program to tell you where the Moon is, from your location at the current time. Then you will need a way to measure and set the elevation and the azimuth of the antenna. Elevation can be measured easily with a level and a protractor, or a simple gravity operated inclinometer such as sold for a few dollars in most any hardware store.

    Azimuth can be measured with a compass, but make sure you take into account the offset in your area between true north and magnetic north. An easy way to determine how much offset you need for your compass headings is to see how much difference there is between your compass heading and the location of the Sun. Any Moon program will also show Sun locations so this is easy.

    The web pages that I put up are Q&D (Quick and Dirty). Maybe I will enhance them with a little more information in the coming days.

    Very 73,
    Russ K2TXB

    FN20MB (MB for Moon Bounce)

    Moon-Net Email reflector

    Arecibo on 432 MHz Moon Bounce April 16-18
  5. AA4F

    AA4F Ham Member QRZ Page

    Where to find the moon?

    After playing with an astronomy program I found out the location of the Moon. The moon will be just east of the Sun on Friday and Sightly more east of the Sun on Saturday and Sunday.

    It may be hard to find on Friday because it will be a Very New Moon! Just a small crescent!

    It will be Almost Straight up from South Alabama so plan on your mount being able to aim your antenna straight up! Check the location of the Sun at noon any day this week!

  6. W1RS

    W1RS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Rain Forecast all three days in New England

    I plan to try with a single 22 element yagi and 50 watts (limited due to proximity to Otis AFB).

    Can anybody comment on how much effect the rain will have with an azimuth of 60 to 70 degrees? I know it depends on how hard it is raining, but is there a fair chance of making it, or should I just forget it and go to the 36th EASTERN VHF/UHF CONFERENCE scheduled for this weekend. :confused:
  7. EA4BGH

    EA4BGH Ham Member QRZ Page

    What about 1.296 ?

    Will Arecibo be active also on 1G2 band?
    Is there any schedule and QRG for that?
  8. XV9AA

    XV9AA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Indeed, I would need the whole Babylon tower in this case... :D It's regrettable that I couldn't see Arecibo but working EME with other hams out there is really exciting :)
  9. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Friend here in Indy could hear them but did not work them. I missed this. Hope they do this again!
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