Are You A Beekeeper?

Discussion in 'Survey Center' started by KN4LGM, Aug 5, 2020.


Do you keep bees? If so how many hives?

  1. No I do not keep bees.

  2. I have 1 hives.

  3. I have 2 hives.

  4. I have 3-5 hives.

  5. I have 5-10 hives.

  6. I have 10-15 hives.

  7. I have 15-20 hives.

  8. I have 20-30 hives.

  9. I have 30-50 hives.

  10. I have 50+ hives.

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  1. N3VEZ

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    I have two acres of blueberries and used to keep bees. I ended up developing an allergy to them. I have to depend on the local population now.

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