Are export radios really all that bad?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KK6REN, Apr 15, 2015.

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    So many mistakes in such a short phrase!
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  2. M6KVV

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    Im not good at spelling but everyone understands it thankyou teacher
  3. KD9CKB

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    Optima mk3 is a very nice small 10-12m radio with hf quality and not bad priced, for about $270 shipped

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  4. M0KFO

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    The Optima is considered to be the nearest to a proper 10m radio, it covers 10m to 12m and most importantly it has a VFO. It has a reasonable power output at about 50w, with a switchable narrow IF filter.

    It is made in China by Goodwill Telecom. The Alinco is made by Anytone of China, but for the price is not a bad radio, very small for a multimode fitting in a Din mount.

    The President Lincoln II, again made by Anytone for President, but at twice the price of other Anytone radios is a POS. Within a year they were on version III, because the others were so derisible. Even now it isn't very good and do not compare it to the Lincoln I, made by President and the Uniden versions.

    The Quad 5 is laughable, it is an Anytone AT-5555, available for a little over £100 here inc. tax, and it is just tweaked. Most of the American (and I expect some incoming for saying this) 10m radios are chicken boxes that are 100% aimed at the 11m market.
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