APRS Survey 2000 Now Open

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Nov 6, 2000.

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    From the APRS mailing list...

    There is a new APRS Survey 2000 web page available and the results are flowing...

    WOW! Nearly 400 of you have taken a few minutes to complete the APRS 2000 Survey. I thank you each for your time and enthusiasm. My criterion for success was 250 responses, I had that number in the first 24 hours. WOW!

    First let me thank nearly 100 APRS folks that provided excellent feedback for the APRS Survey 2000 web page. This project started 6 months with a simple idea. I got input from Bob B, and other APRS movers and shakers. I also got suggestions from amateurs on several APRS mailing lists. I hope the results of our efforts show.

    I feel the need to emphasize that this is not a popularity contest. It is meant to foster communication between folks with similar equipment. I provide it as a service in the hopes that some "good" may come from the information. The survey is based on the honor system. To help prevent skewing the results, the results will not be posted until the survey period is over at the end November. However, you can see where the respondents came from on a map of the US. An amateur radio callsign is required, but you may remain anonymous if you wish.

    APRS Survey 2000

    Getting a large number of respondents will aid in providing an accurate cross-section of the APRS community. So thanks in advance to those that complete the survey and spreading the word.

    Rich Parry, W9IF
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