Anyone have repair experience with K3TEN?

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by N3DT, Apr 3, 2018.

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  1. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm looking at this guy perhaps to repair my 2011 TS2000 which has a bad ACC2 input circuit apparently. Digital transmissions are distorted through the ACC2 but fine through the Mic connector. This happened all of a sudden. It's been working fine for years. What I like is he's only 2 states away. Not thrilled with sending it to CA for Kenwood or other repair clinics in the mid or far west.

    Or any recommendations welcome. I did buy the buffer trans from Kenwood, but it looks too small for me to work on although I'm tempted. I did dig into it one time for something else.

    I sent him an email but haven't heard back. I may try calling.
  2. AH6HR

    AH6HR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I hope you didnt make the move and send your rig. I had the same experience.. called several numbers and email him.. inquired about could he work on my rig after I explained what happened and got a one word answer... I dont think I want to deal with that kind of tech. Gud Luck.
  3. K4XJ

    K4XJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO ROY CONNERS!!!!!....He is a scam artist!...I sent my TS-2000 for him to repair and this was in Oct. of 2017 and as of today 4-Mar.-2019 I still don't have it back. He has blocked both of my phone numbers and won't answer e-mails. The last time that I did chat with him he said his son Mark Conners in Maple Shade New Jersey was taking over the business. In June of 2018 Mark Conners called me and told me that my radio was finished and he would be sending it back to me in a few days. Well I still have not got it back and he also has my phone numbers blocked and my e-mails are not answered.. I got the Kentucky State Attorney's office of consumer affairs involved and Lisa Cochran said she contacted him and had spoken to him. He told her that he was sending radio's out as fast as he could and this was back in January of 2019. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they wrote letters to both Roy and Mark and there was no response. The BBB has told me that this goes into their system as a bad record and negative mark against Roy and Mark. I called the New Jersey State Attorney's office and they told me to first pursue it at the local level and if I get no results to contact them back. So I have been working with the Maple Shade police department on this matter. I had an officer that said he would go to Mark Conners house and speak to him. Well he answered the door and was asked about my radio and other people that have been complaining about him also besides me. So can you guess what his response was?...."Oh I am sending HIS (meaning me) radio out in a few days"...This was at the beginning of Mar. 2019 and this is the 3rd time he claimed to be getting ready to send my radio back, so its the same old BS story. And guess what....I still have not got my radio back as of today 3-April-2019. So it looks like I will call the State Attorney's office New Jersey. I have contacted a lawyer close to Maple Shade who will be taking my case to file theft charges because he refuses to send my radio back. I did have someone related to me that lives across the river in Philadelphia go bang on his door and he didn't answer even though you can hear people in the house....Now I don't know anything about the other people that have sent radio equipment or what problems they are having dealing with Mark Conners, but I hope they have better luck. ...Now I strongly encourage people to DO NOT send ANY radio equipment to Mark Conners because you won't get anything back. Have you noticed that K3TEN electronics is no longer allowed to advertise in QST magazine?...I talked to Janet Rocco who actually is who I contacted first to find out why Roy Conners won't respond to people and refuse to send radio equipment back. The reason why I sent my radio to k3TEN was because of the recommendation of Kenwood. When I call Kenwood in Sept. 2017 to see about getting my TS-2000 fixed and they told me they recommended K3TEN since they were behind on fixing equipment. So I thought if Kenwood said they recommended him he must be good. Well that was a big damn mistake! I contacted back Kenwood and I told them my story about Roy and then claimed they wouldn't recommend anyone but their own company. I told them they why did your customer service department recommend him then!. I actually talked to Leo who is their technician and he was pissed off about them telling me to send it to someone else because they were behind. Leo says HE is the one who will determine if he is behind or not. Leo said my radio would have been back a very long time ago....Again...I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO ROY OR HIS SON MARK CONNERS (Mark Conners call sign is K3VPD). If you do send your radio equipment to him you may as well consider it gone forever. You won't get it back! You will will keep getting the excuse from him: Oh i'm sending it out in a few days...Oh i'm sending it out in a few days. And the thing is there is a post office about 8 blocks south of him.....All I say is good luck to all that already has sent equipment to him and have not got your radio back, you will need more then luck and you will need a lawyer!
  4. K4XJ

    K4XJ Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. K4XJ

    K4XJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    His son Mark Conners N3VPD has taken over the business and he WILL NOT send your equipment back!!!
  6. K4XJ

    K4XJ Ham Member QRZ Page

  7. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I never did anything. If they won't get back to me, that's a good indication not to deal with them, but I fixed mine with a hard reset several times. It's been working fine for quite a while now. I was about to just use the mic input, but since I got the ACC2 working again I'm OK.

    I had some issues with a guy in Chicago once over some M/C parts I never got and had paid for. I got in touch with the Cook County Attorney general and they got on his case, at least I did get my money back, but I never got the parts. It's hard to get back at crooks and lawyers really can't do much, especially if they're not really in business and not in your state. If they're still doing business, that's another story. Guy I was dealing with was still in business, but I think he finally went out because of his shady dealings.

    Good luck with your project, I know how you feel. I hope you don't end up just eating it, but it may happen. There comes a time once in a while you just have to move on no matter how mad you get. There are some real sleaze balls in the world.
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  8. KB2HJC

    KB2HJC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi I am glad I found this posting I live only abt 9 miles from where K3TEN has/had his Business Im in the Villas NJ 9 miles south of the Cape May Court House address he posted
    I almost took my 2 Kenwoods (440s and a 520S) that need TLC So thank you for the post here so now I can research somewhere reputable to take my rigs.

    73 Mike KB2HJC
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  9. K4XJ

    K4XJ Ham Member QRZ Page

  10. W3DET

    W3DET XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Roy Conner/Mark Conner has 2 pieces of my Ham equipment since September 2017 I have sent 4 Certified letters with no answer. I have left to many phone messages to count all to no avail. At this point I think it is a scam?? de W3DET

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