Anyone have any regrets on buying an IC-9700?

Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by KN4DQE, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. G0KDT

    G0KDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    The 9700 is dedicated to amateur bands not setup for widebanding.... if you wanted that then better to buy something less 'focused'.
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  2. KG5HFO

    KG5HFO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll let you know in a week or two. I've just ordered a 9700 specifically for 2mSSB work, but will be comparing it to the 746 Pro and FT-991A on digital also.
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  3. G0KDT

    G0KDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    AFAIK there is still a bit of drift short of a complete redesign of the layout the firmware changes can only cope with so much.

    Long transmissions with gaps like WSPR most affected if at all (not a mode I'm that bothered with), it doesn't affect Ft8 from what I can tell. I don't do moonbounce so can't comment on that.

    Caveat to all that, I haven't got loads of test equipment to go doing major tech investigations so these comments are based on normal use.
  4. VE4CY

    VE4CY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I just ordered one today to replace my aging TS-2000 (which I was only using for VHF/UHF).

    I recently got into 2 meter meteor scatter using MSK144 and it's been working very well. I've been making lots of contacts. That's what prompted me to get something more modern.

    I also have a group of friends I chat with regularly on 2m and 70cm using SSB and JS8Call. I have a close by 1.2G repeater that does DD mode on D-Star.. Plus I'm looking forward to doing some tropo this summer. I'm not into satellites, but who knows what the future holds.

    I'm following this thread.. Will add my comments once I've had time to try it out.
  5. G0KDT

    G0KDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Once you've found your way round its user interface I'll be surprised if you don't like it.

    I looked hard at the TS2000X as a secondhand option in the end opting for something a bit more modern too. I went with a TS590SG for HF so wish Kenwood still did something but they don't.

    SSB and FT8 contacts have all been good with good reports on SSB and amazing distance on FT8. FM, the S meter always reads lower than the stations I speak to say I am with them... no idea why ...

    There are some very nice features like onboard QSO recording which I would think will be good for Meteor Scatter to help logging and tracking.
  6. VE4CY

    VE4CY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Pretty sure I will..

    Just to add to my previous post, one of the people I chat with regularly on 2m/70cm SSB is a preeminent VHF/UHF operator. He's an engineer and gets invited to seminars to make presentations. He's done EME on just about every frequency from 144 Mhz to 47 gHz. He uses Flex radios with transverters for most of his operations, but did give a nod of approval for the 9700
  7. G0KDT

    G0KDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just a heads up Jim.

    In case you share or are shared settings with others with 9700's do save your first power up settings to SD card before doing anything much else with it.
    Doing that should save the 'Fine Tuning' settings that ICOM setup for that radio at build. Whilst there are warnings it only takes a moments lapse to accidently overwrite them loading other settings in.

    Technically I think some ops use a 10GHz signal in the SMA on the rear panel to do help, but whilst some seem to go for GPS units with that built in from some 'low price' websites, I am not confident of their accuracy for such use on the 9700.

    I couldn't get clarity from ICOM about updating the firmware and if that overwrote any fine tune settings when I asked Icom UK, in fact I never got a reply, but Covid was just starting back then so maybe that was why. Updating firmware since then, using the Icom firmware downloads ( you may need to depending on build dates), I don't think does affect the fine tuning settings.

    Meteor scatter ops sounds pretty complex to me but I hope you get some good results.

  8. VE4MM

    VE4MM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I love my IC9700 and IC705.
  9. VE4CY

    VE4CY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks for the tip.. I'll be doing that for sure. I have an SD card in my drawer earmarked for the front slot on the 9700.

    On the firmware and stability... I do a fair bit of digital and plan on getting the Leo Bodnar GPSDO setup in the future if it turns out that I need it.

    Meteor scatter is fun.. It's not that complicated. You use a digital mode (MSK144). A high gain Yagi helps a lot. Basically you send CQ & your call over and over at 2000 baud for 15 seconds. If a meteor goes by during that time, a small part of the signal gets reflected off the ionized trail left by the meteor and is picked up by other stations. They respond in the same way. 15 second transmitting, 15 seconds listening. All that gets exchanged is grids and signal reports. You can make contacts up to 1000 miles or more on 2 meters this way.
  10. VE4CY

    VE4CY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Mike.. We'll have to chat once I get mine :)

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