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Anyone have any regrets on buying an IC-9700?

Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by KN4DQE, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. KB0MNM

    KB0MNM Ham Member QRZ Page

    You are correct- the rig in question must have had a similar number- maybe 9100? That is why I said "believe", which leads me to wonder if callsign K0BUD remembers that as a response to a 'net control' type of question. My apologies to you and any 9700 owners.
  2. KB0MNM

    KB0MNM Ham Member QRZ Page

    And just to see: TF3ARI had a post about the Icom IC-9100 on in 2017 claiming that his radio was nearly 1 Khz. off as he received it- "Out of the box". So indeed the early IC-9100s should be examined for frequency inaccuracy. This is no excuse for my poor memory- again apologies to any who own the IC-9700 or would contemplate ownership. He did state that he liked the Kenwood better for crossband ( compared to the 9100 ). As I stated earlier, it pays to have someone that you can trust look at any used rig. If I were in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area of Minnesota now, I would look to K0GX for used equipment checkout or a possible referral to obtain the used equipment. You might guess what he owned when I saw him last.
  3. N5SMO

    N5SMO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Neither the 9100 or 9700 can do crossband at all since they are main/sub receivers, and not true dual band transmitters.
  4. W5SAT

    W5SAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, the 9100 and 9700 are more than just main/sub receivers. They are true full duplex radios - they can RX on one band while simultaneously TX on a different band. They aren't built to be crossband repeater capable which is true but not because they are simply just 2 receivers.
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  5. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I read the radio has a frequency drifting issue.
  6. W5SAT

    W5SAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well.... Yes and no. The radio performs within spec of it's .5 PPM oscillator so in that regard it is performing to specification with regard to drift.
    But... on narrow band weak signal modes that can be a problem - especially at 1296 MHz. Drift is primarily a result of the fan kicking on and off and the oscillator temp drifting causing frequency drift.

    It could have been designed better - I think most would would agree with that.

    The good news is that it can be referenced to a 10 MHz GPSDO which will keep it within a few Hz. The bad news is that GPS reference isn't quite what was expected - the radio periodically will re-sync to GPS reference to account for drift but it still allows for some drift. There are true GPS locking options options to include a plug and play option and some more home-brew options.

    Anybody who is serious about frequency accuracy and stability will have a frequency standard so, in my opinion, if high precision is required (1296 EME for example) then there are pretty easy and cost effective ways to get it to be where it is needed.
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  7. 9A5BWT

    9A5BWT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Does anyone know can you set FM Tx bandwidth on FM? Or do we even know how wide it transmits?
    Repeater channels are 12.5 kHz spacing and I suspect that the rig blasts much wider and can not be set to narrow.
  8. W4EAE

    W4EAE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I will check when I get home. I have never really been concerned about it since we have 25K spacing where I live.
  9. W5EKG

    W5EKG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have no regrets with mine.

    I’ve used it on sats, casual rag chew on 2m SSB, and recently in the VHF contest on 2m, 70cm, and 23cm in SSB, CW, and FT-8 without any issues. I’m running ver 1.13 firmware.

    It’s probably my favorite rig on the desk right now.

  10. KM6XP

    KM6XP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh I need one only for 2m repeater and SSB, and only because it would look so nice sitting next to my 7300, lol.

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