Anybody up for on Halloween Cemeteries on The Air (COTA)?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WB4JHS, Sep 24, 2021.

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  1. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Didn't we just discuss that announcing "PP On The Air" might not have the desired effect? :rolleyes:
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  2. KE0GXN

    KE0GXN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think I will pass on COTA. I have no desire for an eyeball QSO Mr. Meyers at a cemetery….:eek:
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  3. WR3V

    WR3V Ham Member QRZ Page

    When I was a kid it was a 4 night affair. Egg night, soap night, mischief night, then Halloween.
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  4. K8XG

    K8XG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes and NO , You simply announce Pumpkins on the air , not pisssing
  5. K8XG

    K8XG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    So you were a Hooligan ???
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  6. WW2E

    WW2E Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ham radio from a cemetery?

    Suppose it's the cemetery where your own parents are buried. And there are a group of hobbyists amusing themselves with some insipid game.

    This is literally the stupidest idea I have ever heard.
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  7. KD7YVV

    KD7YVV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Being in a cemetery after dark could have grave consequences.
    Most cemeteries close at dusk. Where as most cemeteries have
    fences around them because people are dying to get in, I've
    yet to see a case where someone wanted to get out after dark.
    How about:
    Reservoirs on the air.
    Veteran Hospitals on the air.
    State lines on the air (you have to be at one).
    Pizza parlors on the air.
    And for you older folks who have not yet partaken,
    Proctology visit on the air. :)
    Confluences on the air. (Gps lat/long where decimal degrees are 000) like
    47.000 -122.000. Send out special QSL card showing coordinates.
    Abandoned places on the air. Many places around.
    Train depots on the air / Amtrak stations on the air..
    And last, but not least, in your own backyard, dogs on the air.
    You have to be a dog owner.
  8. WB4JHS

    WB4JHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Seriously our old Catholic Church back in the 60s had some ham operators that set up in the church garden where the school was right next to and set up what I thought was an old Hallicrafters or it could’ve been Collins gear. They set up a table where most everybody had to walk by in the shaded garden after church and then during school at some carnival fundraiser that the church did every year.

    We thought it was the coolest thing these old retirees were showing us how to do something and talk to somebody far away and that was back in the day when they actually kept up with South American missionaries on the 15 m SSB Halo net.

    We even passed messages to relatives in other states. One kid was in line and asked to send a message to the Pope requesting additional tetherball set ups in the playground. We’re not sure it ever got there to Italy?

    Good old days can happen again…
  9. KA2BLG

    KA2BLG Ham Member QRZ Page

    My father (SK) ex-KA2BJD helped me get started in radio/electronics.
    Suppose for a second that I did in fact go stand on my father’s grave and operate. It was him who reached out to his coworker who became my Elmer. It was him who helped me erect a tower and antennas. To my knowledge, he never made a single contact... just supported me... and I gotta tell ya, “nice” and “supportive” are not words normally associated with my father.

    So, what if I did hang out there calling CQ? Would it somehow change the way the world turns? Would his soul be upset with me? If so, why... please explain in detail... ‘cuz he’s 1) DEAD 2) was licensed once.

    Oh, and BTW, you’re right. It really is a wacky idea that I just don’t see the merit in. I think I’ll stay home and dole out treats to the kids.
  10. W5WN

    W5WN QRZ Lifetime Member #379 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    How about Places of Worship On The Air (POWOTA) in commemoration of the dearly departed instead?
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