Anybody Interested in Upcoming IC-9700

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by W5SAT, Mar 20, 2018.

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  1. KB1PVH

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    From what I understand Ray Novak from Icom said they are working on the stability issue.
  2. WA7F

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    Good to hear. Thanks.
  3. WA4SCA

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    From one of the IC-9700 lists:

    Hi all,

    i just got the information from Icom Europe that the drift-problem is fixed.
    We just have to wait for the next FW releases. It will be available soon, no fixed date given.
    No Information how they fixed it and how the implementation will work yet.
    I will share my results soon, i think that are really good news ;o)
    Many thanks to the technicians from Icom in Bad Soden who had an open ear for me!


    No idea about this beyond Michael's posting. Hopefully it will be an engineering fix, not a marketing fix. :)


  4. WA2LXB

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    TCXO 10MHz input port would have been the shizzle...or better yet, an onboard TCXO with GPS antenna port :)
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  5. KO4MA

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    Along with a row of separate RCA jacks for amp keying. Such a simple thing that would make things easier for everyone.
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  6. WA7F

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    It almost sounds like their heads were wrapped around FM and Digital more than SSB.
  7. WA4SCA

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  8. WA4SCA

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    SatPC32 now officially supports the IC-9700.

    From the AMSAT-BB mailing list:


    Yesterday I uploaded a file with instructions on how to configure the
    IC-9700 and SatPC32 for CAT control (English page 'Downloads')

    All CAT features seem to work flawlessly. I tested the CAT control
    several hours straight without any problem.

    Also, I uploaded revised files that add the IC-9700 to the lists of
    supported models (with the recent program file choose the IC-9100 as
    model. That will work also because I did not make any other changes to
    the program code).

    The German text can be downloaded here:

    Thanks to LA7XK and others who helped to find out and test the settings.

    73s, Erich, DK1TB

  9. KG6TR

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    Curious if anyone has run this with an Arrow 146-437/10 antenna. Interested in SSB, seems like a good one-antenna solution for 2m/7cm, can run the 2m horizontally polarized with 70cm vertical for local FM.
  10. W5SAT

    W5SAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yep - there is a new version of SatPC32 dated June 7. It has some other improvements as well - most obvious is that you can have 24 satellites available to choose from at a time instead of 12. Nice!

    Seems to work fine with IC-9700. Bummer that SatPC32ISS is still not working correctly with the IC-9700.... :(

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