Any truck driver hams out there?

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by KG6TOP, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. WD5GWY

    WD5GWY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sounds interesting but, DANGEROUS!! Certainly couldn't do that in my particular line of work. (oilfield) I have only tried mobile CW a few times.
    Never could work the key smoothly and got lots of requests for repeats!!.:D
    (at least I had an excuse for my poor CW skills!!)
    I can only imagine how a longwire antenna would work on a 48' trailer. Most if not all are metal and I am betting it played havoc with SWR! My antenna sits about 3 1/2' away from the back of the cab which is made of a plastic like material that contains no metal but, is very tough. And it's almost 4' from the nose of the trailer. I'm sure that the resulting signal is not anywhere as good as my screwdriver antenna on my pickup, but, it works and gives me something to do while waiting to load and unload.
  2. WA7PRC

    WA7PRC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've done it and had a blast (road noise + convertible ≠ fone). The depression in the center console for the ashtray was the perfect place to set my Vibrokeyer. I couldn't use close contact spacing & low return force but it worked FB. :cool:
  3. WD5GWY

    WD5GWY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    In a car would "probably" be a bit safer, but, in an 18 wheeler going down the road? In my case, we are on and off the paved roads quite a bit and even using phone while in motion can be problematic. None of our trucks have automatic transmissions so, LOTS of shifting involved! Now while waiting to load at a rock crusher or some other location, or sitting out on the jobsite waiting to unload, phone or CW would be ok. But, while in motion I'd opt for phone only.
  4. M0GVZ

    M0GVZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a Little Tarheel II. The best thing you can do to it before you try using it is to go to your local CB radio shop and buy a 6ft or 7ft whip and use that instead of the stock one. You'll lose 6m but you'll get a massive increase in RX and TX from 10m-80m.
  5. AE5QR

    AE5QR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm a trucker ham

    I've just started running hf just a month ago and I run an IC706MKIIG with a Tarheel II and a TurboTuner on a 08 Frightliner Century Class.
    At first I was having trouble getting my rig to tune and it came down the coax cable.
    I replaced the coax and it work great.
    I do have some problems with RF from my APU and from my laptop and when the truck is running sometimes.But not on all bands and all freq.
    But it works great mobile (ie. just Friday I QSOed Munich Germany mobile) and other places here in the states.
    Good luck out there and I work HF and VHF.
  6. AE5QR

    AE5QR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm a trucker ham

    Like i said I'm running a 706MKIIG in my truck and it is a little bit of a PAIN to run do to the fact that it is a menu driven radio.But it works great.
  7. KB1USQ

    KB1USQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    What frequencys on the open road?

    I'm a new ham and do a lot of traveling. I was wondering what frequency's truckers use or generally monitor? Are there frequency's that truckers use as much as CB Ch 19?
  8. N4CYA

    N4CYA QRZ MODERATOR Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    In the past I spoken to many truckers that are traveling through different cities & states, they mostly monitor the local repeater frequencies and 146.52 which is the national calling frequency on 2 meters and 446.000 national calling frequency for 440. If you haven't done already check out the cities and states you travel through the most and visit when you go to pick up or drop off your load. This website link will help you the most just click on the state and then scroll down to the city.
  9. NI1G

    NI1G Ham Member QRZ Page

    There Are More And More Truckers Becoming Hams everyday. My Last 3 Years As A Trucker I was A Ham Ham Radio Was More Enjoyable Than The 11 mtr Radio I Never Heard Of People Getting Into Fights Over Stupid Crap IE: The Color Of Another Guys Truck

    No Name Calling Cursing All This Happens On A daily Basis On 11 mtr. Along with other Crap.

    At one Time 11 mtr Was Fun To Talk On.

    Now It's who Has The Most Power If these Jerks Knew You Don't Need Alot of Power To Talk Around The World Most QRP is 5 watts Or Less And they Talk Farther Than Cbers
  10. NI1G

    NI1G Ham Member QRZ Page

    19 Is Mostly The Channel On 11 Mtrs Until you Get On The west Coast Parts Of Ca. Use 15 The I-5 Coridor Uses Ch. 17
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