Any other motorcyclists here?

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by WD4IGX, May 10, 2017.

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  1. KG5KOG

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    I don't care for riding in groups. Two is company three is crowd.
    Nobody rides the same way. Some want to go balls to the wall and others want to stop and smell the roses (that's me).
    I like to stop and sight see, go exploring, take a few pics. Just see what there is there.

    One other thing on solo, don't ride a bike you can't pickup by yourself. :)

    I consider my setup as hands free.
    As the only part of my hand that moves is my thumb to key the xmitter and that is only about inch.
    Closer than horn button. So i don't have a problem doing that.
    Actually never have carried on conversation with it. Keyed a few times but no come back.
  2. US7IGN

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  3. KG5KOG

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    I like that there.
    Assume you have an another battery for the radio somewhere and not using the bike battery.
  4. US7IGN

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    I used a motorcycle battery. But even ICOM IC-706mk2g is too big and heavy and a large consumption current for use with a motorcycle.
    Now I always take with me a homemade radio with a built-in tuner and a battery that weighs about 1 kg Antenna is the wires that I throw on the trees. Everything takes very little space and not disturb.
    Some photos from the ordinary trip
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  5. K3WR

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    I ride a Gold Wing GL-1800 with our Gold Wing Road Riders group out of Wachula, FL. We are the Peace River Riders. When in our group rides, we all use 11 meter radios for communication amongst the riders. Helps to ensure we are all aware of the location of the next ice cream shop down the road when riding on 90+ degree summer days in Florida.

    When riding alone, I use a Kenwood handheld and headset for 2m/70 cm repeater and APRS use. Nice to be able to communicate while on the rides between the east and west coast and all points in between. The handheld is mounted on a Ram mount on the Gold Wing handlebars with the PTT switch velcroed near my left thumb on the bars. Easy operation when riding.

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