Any experience with Dell 1570-Watts Power Supply

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by WQ6N, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. WQ6N

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    I have been looking at the Dell 1570-Watts Power Switching Supply (12VDC 130amps) as a power source. Anyone with experience with these?
  2. WB2WIK

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    Do you mean like the Dell NJ508 hot-swap supply from the PowerEdge server line?

    If so, they're good supplies but rely on the enormous air stream provided by the server they plug into for cooling; without that air stream (front to rear, air enters by the DC blade connector system and exits out the rear where the AC cable attaches), they're not good for anything like 1570W.

    Also...I think the 1570W rating is for the N+1 "system," which uses two of these modules in one server; I don't believe "each one" can provide 130A.
  3. WQ6N

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    I am referring to the; Dell PowerEdge 6800 1570W Switching Redundant Power Supply DPS-1570AB A KD175

    From what I have read and watched on Youtube, the combined channels are 119Amps output at 13.8+ VDC with 120VAC input. You get a full 130Amps using 220 VAC input . You are right regarding the amount of airflow. There are 3 internal fans that spin up but the speed is adjustable along with the output voltage. Quieter fans may be considered down the road.

    I already took the plunge mainly based on this Youtube video:
    120Amp Ham power supply with all the safety and regulation circuit's for $100 is not a bad investment. We shall see.

    What I was also thinking was applying a 3 Farad digital capacitor, to smooth the peaks out at some point. These have been used by folks running those large sub amps out of their cars. (i.e.PRECISION POWER PPI C.3F 3 FARAD DIGITAL CAR STEREO CAPACITOR)
  4. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    What's your load?

    Do you have the mating connector?

    I've used these before, but never tried a 130A load on one.

    Let us know how it works out!
  5. WQ6N

    WQ6N XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The target load is 80Amps while on shore power camping (outside most likely and not concerned about the fan noise)
    No mating connector but most of the howto's show solder/heat shrink connections combined into one cable/lug fore each polarity.
    Another set of videos from Charlie mentioned that he has converted many of these.
    Sure thing
  6. WQ6N

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    I need to make a small correction. The KD175 power supply states the max watts is 1366W at 103-138VAC. If you set the voltage to 13.8 VDC the means the max output not to exceed is about 99Amps (98.98550). The actual target load for a Ameritron ALS-500M is max 80Amps but will be more likely in the area of 60~70Amps since I always run reduced power with a target of 300Watts PEP max.

    Many RV hookups have 240VAC not to mention that the onboard generator that has both 120VAC and 240VAC. This means that one could potentially have the full 130Amps / 1570Watts with a input of 170-264VAC . According to my calculations the max output at 1570Watts at 13.8VDC is 113.7Amps (113.76811).

    There are matting connectors available on eBay Dell PowerEdge 6800 Server Internal Power Distribution Board XH971 0XH971 $12.40. I have ordered one to see if it can be re-purposed to allow a removable power/control harness. If this is the case, the On/Off, Voltage and Fan speed controls can be mounted externally, in a project box, along with a Voltage/Amp LCD display on a short pigtail. Taking this a little further, let say you want the power supply to sit on a picnic bench seat while having the controls available on the table top. I like that idea.
  7. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good luck with it!

    A lot of those supplies are in circulation (Dell sells a lot of servers) and I've seen them as cheaply as $49 including shipping -- maybe not today, this was a couple of years ago.

    The supplies aren't made by Dell, they're made in China but they're quite good. Fans are noisy because they're so small and run at high speed; inside the Power Edge server, they are supplemented by a whole lot of air coming through the server, provided by eight fans as I recall. "Outside" on a bench with air all around it, I think it should be fine.
  8. W0AAT

    W0AAT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    How are they for RFI?
  9. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have no idea. I've only used them for computers in machine rooms, not near radios.
  10. WQ6N

    WQ6N XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    From what I have seen there may be no issues with RFI. I will install some mix31 torids when I finish building the power connector. Speaking of power connectors, I was successful in creating two connectors from the Dell PowerEdge 6800 Server Internal Power Distribution Board XH971 0XH971. All it took was a steady hand, diamond cutting disk in a dremel tool, a hot iron and small hemostats. Steps as follows:
    1. Peel the plastic protection sheet from the board and save for later.
    Cut connector from Power Distribution Board with diamond bit and dremel.
    2. Cut a path between each 28vdc connector and (2 rows of 4) and a complete individual separation on the 24 control pins.
    3. Pop each 24vdc connector out the back. Using the small hemostat clip a single connector and cut through the center of the board length wise. Cut diagonal again in between the the row of 4 making 4 sets of two pins.
    4. Using the hot solder iron with a broad tip heat the bottom edge of the now separated two pins until the small board piece slides off the soldered pins. Do the other three sets the same way. I tried to use a very good solder remover tool and that did not work very well. After I cut into the board I could see 3 layers of heavy copper. I broke a couple of pins at first trying different techniques and heating up beneath the small board did the best job. I put the cleaned connectors off to the side for now.
    5. After doing the 10 power connections I did the 14 control pins with just a hemostat and iron by heating up the pin an sliding each piece up over the pin.
    6. Once all the pins are cleaned, I reinstalled the power connections in the slots.
    Dell poweredge 6800 PS connector 2.jpg

    7. I took the saved heavy plastic sheet and cut out the connector backing and enough to go under the connector.

    Hard part is done at this point.

    The connector is now ready for 10awg lines (5 red and 5 black) that should fit nicely in the now clean power pins. The control pin lines for the power switch, fan speed a supply voltage will be soldered and shrink tubed. The 5 red lines will be terminated at one side of the 150amp shunt. Control lines and voltage/amperage lines will go to an external project control box.
    Dell poweredge 6800 PS connector 1.jpg

    More to follow

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