For Sale Antique-Vintage Radio Parts. Head phones, tubes, resistors...,etc.

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KB7NRN, Oct 30, 2018.

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  1. KB7NRN

    KB7NRN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here is a one lot of radio parts and accessories. Price listed below is for all. It all needs to go.
    All items have been tested except for NOS selenium rectifiers.

    List of items and quantities in this lot:
    1. Head phones, C.F. Cannon No.15 Alnico Magnetic, 1940-50s, 500 ohms. Qty 2.
    2. Head phones, C.F. Cannon, Cannon Ball Dixi, 1920-30s, 4000k ohms. Newer cloth cord and 1/4" plug. VG. Qty 1.
    3. Head phones, Trimm Featherweight , 1940s, 4000k ohms. Excellent condition. Qty 1.
    4. Head phones, odd no name but there's an "h" in a circle, era ?, 60 ohms. Qy 1.
    5. 1/4" to pins adapters, for converting phones with pins to 1/4" phone plug. Qty 3.
    6. Dog Bone resistors, 1920-40s, various values, some NOS. Qty 26.
    7. #32 vacuum tubes, 1920-30s, one globe. Qty 4.
    8. #30 vacuum tubes, 1930-40s, one NOS. Qty 7.
    9. #19 vacuum tubes, 1930s. With boxes. Qty 2.
    10. #49 vacuum tube, 1930. Dual grid, space charge tube. Qty 1.
    11. RK34 vacuum tube, Ratheon, 1930-40s. Dual triode with ceramic base transmitting tube. Qty 1.
    12. #22 vacuum tube, Cunningham, 1930s. Qty 1.
    13. 6C5 vacuum tube, metal, 1940s, triode. Qty 1.
    14. 6N7 vacuum tube, various, 1930-50s, dual triode, octal version of 6A6. Qty 4.
    15. 6A6 vacuum tube, RCA, 1930s, dual triode, 7 pin base, 6.3v version of #53 tube. Qty 1.
    16. #53 vacuum tube, RCA & Kenrad, 1930s, dual triode, 7 pin base, 2.5v. Qty 2.
    17. 6V6 vacuum tube, Tungsol & Sylvania, 1940s, beam power tube. Qty 2.
    18. 6SL7 vacuum tube, Sylvania & GM Delco, 1940-50s, dual triode. Qty 2.
    19. Knob, Coto, 1930-40s. Like used on Hallicrafters SX-28. Qty 1.
    20. Selenium rectifiers, ITT & IRC, 1950-60s, all NOS. Qty 9.

    Vintage parts lot $115 shipped, obo.

    Now for the obligatory pic with my QSL card.

    C.F. Cannon No.15 phones

    C.F. Cannon, Dixi Cannon-Ball phones


    Trimm Featherweight phones


    No name phones

    Pins to 1/4" phone plug adapters

    1920-40s Dog Bone resistors

    #32 tubes

    #30 tubes

    #19 tubes

    #49 tube

    RK34 Raytheon tube

    #22 tube

    6C5 metal tube

    6N7 tubes

    6A6 tube

    #53 tubes

    6V6 tubes

    Coto Knob like Hallicrafters
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  2. WA4QKM

    WA4QKM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi John. Interested in the earphone adaptors should you decide to part out the package.
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