antenna uW directed w/balun WiFi new?

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by HOUND189, Jun 9, 2021.

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  1. HOUND189

    HOUND189 QRZ Member

    image5.png 5yHi,. I'm new.. back to forums. I wanted to introduce/show my new DIY uW antenna idea for Wi-Fi. I just clicked, on QRZ to share, thanks.
    My 'hamming' skills are new. So I put together an inverted V with a horizontal strip director, like Also it has a parabolic in place of the inverted V reflector. Also, I placed the Balun (1-2trn) in, a 6cm bolt and it doubles as a s-pole. I also use a side-band noise filter, mechanical on the dish. This is an interesting design. I use some components.
    The Balun is 1:1 air Rg-8 wound.. instead of two for each dipole. Maybe you can elaborate,.. I want to use to use another feed from the bolt with anttena, for a little more gain. I figure I have to cancel reactance from the winding, but not much. I want to use a sml capacitor and then resistor to the coax shlth and then on the pin-signal another resistor and finally matched inductor to rub out the noise. Again this is just a second antenna for horizontal field. It should look like three poles, one horizontal (throgh the antenna)with a close parabolic arrangement. Coax line wound around air and a bolt, feeding the dipole and/with a director. Like I said I wanted to run another signal through the bolt again, with the filtering resistors for "both poles". Too my cellphone.
    It seems cool idea for fun. But is it over-elaborate" to use components that I will get reactance from the bolt windings while I'm trying to use it as a signal!? t
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  2. HOUND189

    HOUND189 QRZ Member

    But, still I notice the temperature in the room is a little low and ask some admistraors to stop dripping over chair they're sitting and turn up the thermostat. Respectfully, I think US temp ordinances suggest 70'deg!
  3. HOUND189

    HOUND189 QRZ Member

    ..there are several more thoughts about the antenna. You let me know...
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