For Sale Antenna Manual 1948 (First Printing), Published by Editors And Engineers Ltd

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  1. AE0Q

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    Antenna Manual 1948 (First Printing),
    Published by Editors And Engineers Ltd

    by Woodrow Smith
    former Editor of RADIO Magazine, RADIO Handbook
    Radio and Radar Engineer, US Navy
    Radar officer, USMC Reserve

    Hardback, 306 pages, Good condition, no writing in covers or on pages.

    Chapter 1 - Radiation and Propagation of Radio Waves
    Chapter 2 - Transmission Lines
    Chapter 3 - Basic Antenna Theory
    Chapter 4 - Low and Medium Frequency Antenna systems
    Chapter 5 - High Frequency Antenna systems
    Chapter 6 - VHF and UHF Antenna systems
    Chapter 7 - Receiving Antenna Considerations
    Chapter 8 - Coupling to The Antenna System
    Chapter 9 - Measuring Equipment and Techniques
    Chapter 10 - Antennas for Navigational Aids

    Lots of drawings, charts, graphs, and 4 pages of advertisements for other books published by Editors And Engineers

    $35 with shipping, PayPal OK, contact

    Antenna_Manual_1948 01.jpg Antenna_Manual_1948 02.jpg Antenna_Manual_1948 03.jpg Antenna_Manual_1948 04.jpg Antenna_Manual_1948 05.jpg Antenna_Manual_1948 06.jpg
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