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Antenna Analyzer (Arduino)

Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by LZ2RR, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. LZ2RR

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    Antenna Analyzer compatibal whit W8TEE/K2ZIA Arduino Antenna Analyzer : 160 - 10 Meter


    This Antenna Analyzer is based on the Arduino Mega Pro Mini and the AD9850(AD9851) DDS Module. The original author of the software, Jack Purdum, published the design and code online on the Yahoo SoftwareControlledHamRadio group (which has now been moved to the SoftwareControlledHamRadio group on Jack also published an article about the project in the November 2017 issue of QST.

    •VSWR measurements covering all amateur bands – continuous scans can be done for any frequency between 1-60MHz.

    •Large (3.5” x 2.125”) color TFT display for scan plots – a 262,000 color display with 480x320 pixel resolution.

    •Save scan data. An optional 2Gb SD card allows you to save over 90 scans!

    •Scan data export. The scan data are saved in the popular CSV format and can be exported via the USB port for use in other programs. (e.g., Excel, graphics package, text editor, etc.)

    •Scan overlays. Run a scan and save it to the SD card. Now make a change to the antenna, and run another scan and immediately overlay the previous scan plot to the current scan plot to assess the impact of your change on the antenna.

    •High quality PCB that simplifies connections to the Arduino Mega2560 Pro Mini board the TFT display and DDS.
    Some improvements have been added here:

    -Replace the AD9850 DDS with the AD9851

    -The “Fine Tune” Option

    -Better SWR Readings (PE1PWF)

    - the encoder and buttons are mounted on the main board

    -5v power.

    -Intarnal power bank whit LiPo 3,7v

    All improvements to the software that John M Price WA2FZW made to version V03.7.1 work with this board.

    High quality PCB only: $8+$5(Economy International Shipping)


    PCB with assembled components-tested: $49+$7(Economy International Shipping)


    PCB with assembled components+3D printed box+connector $59+$9(Economy International Shipping)

    For orders email me at:

    The documentation can be found at:
    Registration is very easy.
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  2. K4AVU

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    Is the TFT display included? The two unit shown do no have the display. 73, Paul K4avu
  3. LZ2RR

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    Sorry Paul,

    You need:
    1 Arduino Mega Pro Mini PCB.
    2 DDS Module AD9851(to 60MHz) or AD9850(to 30MHz)
    3 Large (3.5” x 2.125”) color TFT display

    The PCB is absolutely ready for use. .
    73, Miro
  4. YO2AA

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    Hello Miro, tel me about : Large (3.5” x 2.125”) color TFT display ! Describe the model you used exact. 73 de YO2AA Ben.
  5. LZ2RR

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  6. KM4YMW

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