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Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by N3HQN, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. N3HQN

    N3HQN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I posted that I was looking for a AR 3300 10 meter rig. This is what happened.

    I got an email from;

    my name is Vince Allen.
    i saw your wanted ad so i decide to mail
    if you are still interested you can mail me .
    i have it in good and excellent condition
    call sign g1hrd in

    Vince Allen

    118, Cheam Road.



    So I run a search on G1HRD's call here on the Zed and email him from the email off his account on the site.

    Hello Mr Allen,

    Greetings from Lancaster county Pennsylvania. I have posted an advertisement in a "swap and shop" forum on I received an email from a "Vince Allen" at this address(, with your correct postal address. This is the advertisement I posted.

    Looking for AR3300

    I'm looking for an old AR3300 10 meter rig. I had one years ago and sold it to a fellow ham to use on a 2 to 10 repeater link. Still kick'n myself for get'n rid of it. I will trade a non working KW TS820s for it. I bought the rig back in 87/88 worked the world with it. I have put money into it to get it back up and working again but no one seems to be able to accomplish the task. Frequency counter trouble.... Back in the day it was a force to reckon with. It would flat out get it with awesome modulation. I also have a KW MC-85 desk mic that goes with it. It is a shame to see the old gal just sit'n around collecting dust. May be somebody out there can breath some life back into it again. AR 3300 must function. What say you?

    Tom (N3HQN)
    Web Site/Tom's Place

    One can not be just too careful nowadays with fraud. Sorry for being so suspicious.... But one needs to be sure of these things. If it was not you that responded to the advert. I thought you should know about it. If it was you then I am still interested in what you have to say. Although I must admit I have never dealt with over the computer sales/swap before, nor overseas dealings. I await your response.


    I get this in response from G1HRD;

    Hi I am not sure of the content of your email, but from the subject you are not best pleased! Please be assured that my details would have been 'hacked' from and as a result some very unpleasant things have been happening. The name of Jeff Madson seems to be involved. If that appears anywhere in the equation treat it with suspicion. I have lost $850us to one of his scams. Please pass to as many as possible.

    I respond back to G1HRD;

    Oh, I think you have misunderstood the context of my message. I'm not upset in the least. I was just doing some digging to see if the email response I got was on the up and up. Sorry to hear that you are being used in such a mannor. I will pass the info along about "Jeff Madson" on the qrz board. Again, not upset with you in the least. Nice to meet you and 73 for now. I'll keep you posted if anything should come of this.


    I just thought the masses here on the board should know about this. I have not responded to the original response from and have no plans to do so. Perhaps if one could only read these forums if they are registered to the forum it would cut down on this type of thing. Not to say that we don't have our own responsibility for our own privacy, but it would stop a lot of it. Take all this for what it's worth. I know it's nothing new and I know it will happen again but, the regulating body here on the board is so tight about various other goings on here on the board, one would think that this type of thing could be curtailed to one degree or another. I'm just glad I had the where with all to question the whole deal, others may not.
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