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Another Arguement for Elmers?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 18, 2001.

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    Rob Hoitt (kb1fsk) writes "I got an email today from a ham who has had his license almost as long as I have. I do not know this ham, but he found my website and address by searching for sites related to the Radio Shack HTX-400 (Which is listed on my site as I own one.) Here's what he wrote:

    "...have you heard of any mods for the HTX-400 to
    extend TX into the FRS range? [...] I would like to use the HTX-400 in
    [the FRS] area with [friends], but can't find mods[...] I have my HTX-400 apart on my bench right now... and don't seen any obvious jumpers..."

    Apart from the obvious, something bothered me about all of this... Does this person have anyone to turn to for guidance?
    When I got my ticket just a short while ago, I had two folks who were very helpful to me. They still are available for advice and the occasional swatting for not following protocols. Each by default was an elmer to me. I don't think either gentleman intended to be an "elmer," but since both loved the hobby so much, they wanted to share it with a neophyte like myself.

    In this case I offered the counseling he needed, but I would have thought that someone local to him should have given him the same advice.

    Just my two cents...

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