Anatomy of an Internet Scam at QRZ

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. KB0LOL

    KB0LOL Ham Member QRZ Page

    that story was beautiful well played I hope that scammer was taught a lesson good job
  2. N1NA

    N1NA QRZ Member QRZ Page

    Great job in finding this scam! Weird thing for me, is there is a nice Kenwood speaker for sale on QRZ I would like to buy, but the seller states "NO PayPAL"
    Does not mean he is a scammer, but I won't buy from him
  3. KC1LEP

    KC1LEP Ham Member QRZ Page sister-in-law is a fraud investigator for Rockland Trust...I'll have to run this by her...
  4. AC6VV

    AC6VV Ham Member QRZ Page

    About playing the scammers... If it's one of those phone calls we get all the time, like from the FBI, don't be tempted to play along. One of the things that will get you on the list of "live ones" is simply that you answered the call and the call duration was longer than the time it takes to hang up again. It's automated information generation for lists of likely prospects' phone numbers. I just let them talk to voicemail. The robocalls never leave a message anyway.
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  5. KI4ZUQ

    KI4ZUQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Let me know where he is and I can arrange him needing corrective leg surgery, Mr. Lu-thor!

    Fred, you have time to talk on the radio AND do great detective work?
  6. N9LXI

    N9LXI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Paypal is so-easy to set up and use, I don't know why everyone who buys things online doesn't use it. You not only get Paypal's layer of buyer protection, but also your credit card's layer (if you set it up to pay through that way.) This is not the 1850s in the Great Plains. Anyone and EVERYONE who is looking to get paid via Western Union is either a scammer or a drug dealer. Period.

    When you read "Western Union" think "Nope" and keep on scrolling. You will thank yourself later.
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  7. WR1O

    WR1O Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I buy quite a few things on QRZ, not a seller. Against my better judgment I bought a radio from a person that did not accept PP, never again, now there is an issue, they sent me the wrong mic with the radio. They want the mic back BEFORE they send me the correct one. I sent a money order to a PO Box, did a lot of research on the seller first but they seemed legit so I took a chance. Now there is an issue, I have absolutely no recourse, I have a radio with no mic, might as well have sent me a brick. I will let you know how this turns out, I expect the mic to be shipped expedited and include the packing with return postage to return the mic sent in error. Am I asking too much? I did not make this error and do not feel I am responsible for any fees, packing or postage. I will give them a chance to make good on this before I make this a public bad transaction. I'm already very disappointed but I can tell you right now, never again.
  8. KI5LOV

    KI5LOV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for posting about this. Great information.
  9. NW1L

    NW1L XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    wow really sick people
  10. WJ4U

    WJ4U Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sad part is years later folks are still falling for it. :(

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