Anatomy of an Internet Scam at QRZ

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. KI5WW

    KI5WW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Outstanding! Made me smile.
  2. AA9G

    AA9G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well done, Fred.
  3. W8LGZ

    W8LGZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    One sure way to not get ripped off...NEVER buy from anyone unless it's face to face, and you can test it first. Even better...NEVER buy used. ALWAYS buy new from a reputable dealer. I know a "good deal" is a strong temptation; however, is it really a good deal if you have to send it off for repair that will cost you more on top of the purchase price? I stopped buying used about 10 years ago due to EVERY used rig I bought had the golden screwdriver treatment, aka the "MARS" mod and the power cranked up beyond spec. Now, with current radios having the Service Menu (It's not a "hidden" menu) being hacked, it's even worse. I digress. Since only buying new, I've NEVER, lost money due to a dishonest seller.

    There was a time that when a seller told you there were no issues with the radio, you could be pretty confident there wasn't. Now days, with this new breed of hams, you can trust very few of them. Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it is.

    Jim -W8LGZ
  4. KH6DC

    KH6DC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks very much for the heads up. The font on the passport don't match and no one except a foreigner would abbreviate Massachusetts Ma where any American would use MA.
  5. W6SDM

    W6SDM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Fred, thanks for the best entertainment that I've had since my electric nose hair trimmer shorted out. :)

    I felt so sorry for this guy knowing he wouldn't be able to complete his cardiothoracic surgery that I volunteered to do the procedure on him myself. I never went to med school, mind you, but I do own a vast array of power tools and I've built a number of Heatkits in my time. [h=3][/h]
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  6. K1RCT

    K1RCT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for looking out for us Fred. I know you also have to keep QRZ represented in the best possible light but one can not refute you are looking out for us Hams.

    I have and will consider QRZ dot com a High Value Website.

    Kudos Sir.
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  7. WA7HAA

    WA7HAA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Great job Fred, and thanks for exposing this cheat. It is rather fun when you can engage these guys and string them along. I have done this on numerous occasions when I have gotten e-mails telling me that there is some large amount of money waiting for me to claim. These guys will identify themselves as "Special Agents" from the FBI, and other equally ridiculous titles. They must get enough suckers to keep them in business.
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  8. KA1TY

    KA1TY Ham Member QRZ Page

    New isn't an option for all of us.

    And I'm young enough, at 41, to have grown up with the internet. I can navigate it fairly well.

    I was lucky enough to not only buy used from a good guy, but from a GREAT guy. He's been very generous, helpful, and friendly. I enjoy just emailing back and forth with him, and I'm grateful b/c w/o him I wouldn't have made my first HF contact the other day. :)

    So, beware of the bad guys, but remember there are good ones too.
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  9. N2ADV

    N2ADV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Nice work, sir.
  10. K0XKX

    K0XKX Ham Member QRZ Page

    One additional step you should take. Contact the bank, the person who belongs to the account is either an unwitting mule, or the account has been hacked. Rest assured any funds were immediately transferred overseas, where they cannot be recovered. There is always a chance that there is something there, and at the least the account shut down, which will slow them down.
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