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Amplifier ALC Theory questions and help

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by N2RDQ, Jun 29, 2018.

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  1. AC0OB

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    WIK: There are obviously exceptions but I've never seen a 1N400X work in any kind of RF detector application."


    "It's Amazing What You can Find When You Open Up your Mind:"

    BAMA, Henry 1kD: Page10.pdp, Diode D8 is the ALC diode, GE-509, Silicon 1000V General Purpose Diode, 1A, Cross reference is the NTE125, which was one of the three Diodes I used and Equivalent to the 1N4007 diode.

    After the 2K-4 it appears that Henry started using the 1N458, or 1N881, or Eqv. series.

    The 1N4000 series of the proper
    Vr works both here in the Henry and in the Dentron amps.

    As I stated previously, are there better RF application diodes? Obviously.


  2. K9AXN

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    We’ll do the proofs one at a time; beginning with this one, and the rest on the (replacing 6146A with 6146B list) because they don’t belong on this list.

    This is your statement on entry #10 of the (replacing 6146A with 6146B) list:

    “As an example, review the schematics for the military manual (TM11-5820-529-15). There are two sets of schematics in this book with two distinctly different neutralizing circuits. It appears that the earlier KWM-2's have a 1.8-8.7pF variable cap while the later version has an 8-50pF cap. The changes chronicled in part 7 of the on-line KWM-2 manual show Collins had design changes and problems throughout the respective equipment histories”.

    Sounds like you read those schematics. Actually you copied the above word for word from another list.

    The first entry in that list supports your assertion that the original capacitor did not have enough range to neutralize the 6146B? It is incorrect; you should have read the second one.

    Now read the second entry. It is correct and the first is backward as Glen K9STH informed you; but you did not have the courtesy to reply, you simply tried to trivialize Glen.

    Next, the time line, will go to the Replacing 6146A with 6146B list.

    The 6146B story has many components including Business interests, technical competition, technology timing, and the emergence of sweep tubes. It will be interesting.

    I’m not finished with this list and I stated that I would not leave the 6146 list before all the facts are addressed.

  3. AC0OB

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    K9AXN, aka, Jim: "My Pooch passed away last Friday --- this type of stuff is not worth my time.

    Regards Jim" Mar. 26th, 2018

    We are discussing ALC theory here and don't need your drivel.

    Go home Jim before you further embarrass yourself, again.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  4. KA9JLM

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    Some people will argue with a light switch.

    They turn the switch off, The light goes off, Then they say the switch is not working right because it is not wired properly. :rolleyes:

    Have Fun Everyone.
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  5. K9AXN

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    Great ice breaker! A breath of fresh air --- thanks. Have to watch how I respond and whether it's worth it. We have great gliding weather here and have a couple of willing Grandchildren that are badgering me for their turn to learn the hang gliding experience.

    Have a good'n

    Kindest regards Jim

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