Ameritron 811

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by AJ4OG, May 13, 2011.

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  1. W9GB

    W9GB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Which is why some purists use Twist Lock versions -- NEMA L6 for 250 VAC connectors (plug and receptacle) -- to avoid that approach.
    Twist-locking connectors were first invented by Harvey Hubbell III in 1938 and “Twist-Lock” remains a registered trademark of Hubbell Incorporated,
    although the term is used generically to refer to NEMA locking connectors manufactured by any company

    Twist Locking connectors are MORE expensive than Non-Locking straight blade connectors.

  2. WA7PRC

    WA7PRC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oops... 'tpyo error'. It was 5-15 to 6-20.

    My employer uses LOTS of L6-30 (for 208V/1Ø) and L15-30 (for 208V/3Ø) connectors . We have a few loads up to 50A. The only straight-blade stuff is 120V. We're one of the biggest OEMs of RF-driven CO2 Lasers... up to 400W output (at ≈10% efficiency). We use a lot of power! :cool:
  3. K6FAF

    K6FAF Guest

    Nobody really wants to start a nice fire, or?
    When I bought this house, I checked the breaker box to find out what was going on. Well, there were 2 240V breakers, but no written designation. Checking all the outlets : No marked 120V outlet for 240, no 240V outlet to be found!
    The realtor checked with the owner: No info, no knowledge of such thing whatsoever. I finally checked all outlets with a voltmeter and found the waterheater and another outlet in the garage. The waterheater was hard-wired ok and the outlet in the garage is now 120V, the realtor had an electrician fix it, before I took over. I later found out that the owner/builder had set up the wiring himself and his buddy electrician had put his OK on it.....
    So far to Standards.
    My AL 811 runs with Svetlanas (3) and 120V, puts out 600 with a clean spectrum and more is not necessary from here.
    $ 500 under these circumstances seems 100 too high, 400 not seen/heard in action seems to be right. Yeah, the switches are c..p.
    But the 811H still works, if you can look inside the body of the tube...if everything is blacked out >>> 50% or lower.
    The tubes in my old TS 520 are as old as the radio, have been used quite hard in the last year w/o amplifier and still do 90 to 100W out, good old ladies, on my 80m windom V.
    I don't know, how long Ameritron is going to produce tube-amps, when everybody is crying FET for simplification of band changes, but I do know that tube configurations in RX/TX or AMP have some good points toward them. So catch the fish at 400.

    Especially the warm golden glow in cold winter nights......

    73 de Hans
  4. N6YG

    N6YG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yup there's a lot of newbies and old timers alike who simply can't wait to modernize (assimilate) ham radio into the plug and pray mentality. They won't be happy until you can no longer tell the difference between an Iphone and a ham rig. I'm sure by then getting a ham ticket will require nothing more then memorize the feature lists of various transceivers. I can see it now.

    Future Amateur extra FCC exam

    #1 How many channel memories does the "Corona ball" Super Stunner have

    A 10,000
    b 10,001
    c 09,999

    #2 Emergency Communications Volunteers are required to supply their own uniforms, badges, vehicle decals and light bars.

    A True
    B False

    What I find truly ironic is that while a lot of amateur radio operators are trying to move away from tube amplification. Others such as audio enthusiasts and musicians are going back to them. I actually no more musicians who know what tube bias is then I do hams :eek:
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