Ambitious antennas that underwhelmed

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  1. AC6LA

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    To model Nick's envisioned scenario in reply #26 I suppose it would be better to actually model a very dense, variable length, set of radials slightly above or slightly below a single ground medium of infinite extent. I'm not willing to take on that task but for anyone who would like to rise to the challenge the model file "Vertical with Tapered Seg Radials.weq" (see here) might come in handy. That model can be set to have 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 radials with the (common) length set as a variable.

    Dan, AC6LA
  2. UA3TW

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    Here we can see three pictures for 20m band. Small picture is Real ground setup for the case. There are 360 radials 21.2 m long on an average ground. Left big picture is radiation pattern for 5.2m high vertical in this environment. Right big picture is radiation pattern for 2.6m high vertical in the same frequency 14.15 MHz and environment.
    Perhaps that is why DDRR antenna works so well

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  3. KB1CKT

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    No, it's a flat top. Well, it is starting to droop a bit in the middle, as I did not tension it all way--wanted some slack for when it gets windy.
  4. M0AGP

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    Super interesting! And helpful for us to develop intuition - thanks for posting this Dan
  5. N8FF

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    I have made several flavors of G5RV and haven't gotten good results from any of them.
  6. KI4YTV

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