Amateur Radio Parity Act moving forward...

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KN6SD, May 13, 2018.

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    You understand nothing. You don't know me, have no clue what I believe and are apparently unable to think past your prejudices.

    For the record, I couldn't care less what anyone else has. I'd appreciate it if people like you mind your own business too. If you don't live in an HOA, all you demonstrate is your desire to tell us how to live and make judgments about others; something for which you are vastly unqualified.

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    I have no problem that you live where you do and do so by your choice. No problem at all with that. But, I would like others to see just how onerous the restrictions are where you live, which I note is YOUR CHOICE. I find these restrictitions far beyond reasonable and cannot even fathom someone agreeing to them, but then again, I choose to live where I am not encombered by them. Thankfully, I had a choice. In many areas of the country, there is no choice. BTW, I might have the wrong one listed but I'm sure you will correct me.' Manual/SRVA Homeowners' Manual.pdf
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    Short Answer:

    In the US we have 57 different Jurisdictions (50 States, 6 Territories and DC) which each have different land titling and recordation of ownership. In most states a Master Copy of the Restrictions are recorded to run with the land in the Conveyance (Land) Records.

    In Louisiana, the CCRs are called building restriction (French Translation of our Civil Code) and are recorded before any land is sold. In Louisiana it is not required to disclose the CCRs however it is good practice to note them on the Notary's Act of Sale (What we call a deed) to prevent any misunderstandings. As a land title practice we furnish a copy in the closing packet.

    Some states are a must disclose but some are not. YMMV

    Standard legal disclaimer applies.
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    I've owned 15 homes I've lived in, plus a few more we never occupied but rented out over the years. Currently live in one and one two others.

    Always had the choice between "HOA" or "not," and chose "not." It's an easy choice.

    One of our rented properties is a town house in Encinitas and is in an HOA. Very nice location, never lived there and never will; if the HOA dissolved, though, I'd sure consider it. It's a better location than I have now (300 feet from the ocean); I think it would give me a 10 dB boost over the Pacific.:) And the weather is nicer there, too.

    But with any sort of restrictions -- nah. We'll keep the tenants.
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    If/when the legislation becomes law, some HOA hams (and ham's) may think their (and there) HOA will approve something like this:

    But, reality could be:

    The old expression applies, "Be careful what you wish for because, you might get it."
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    I have owned 7 houses none at the same time except while selling one. Without buying a home I just didn’t like, I was forced into buying 2 homes with an HOA because my transfer real estate allowance with the company I was working with was running out. The HOA forbid antennas. I immediately put up a privacy fence, purchased and installed a Cushcraft Antenna R7 and at the same time got to know my neighbors. Over for dinner etc. In the second location different city one of my neighbors was on the board of the HOA. When I had he and his wife over for dinner he looked at the antenna and said what is that. I told him and said come in look at the station. He did and never said another word about the antenna. In neither case did anyone complain. Had I been asked to remove the R7 I would have had my attorney sue the HOA. Over what that was the attorneys problem. I know this get the right judge and I would have prevailed. Many judges could not care less about what a contract says. They will find a justification to ignore what would appear to be obvious language in the contract. That’s what makes going before a judge so stressful for plaintiff and defendant.
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    Possibly, but I have high hopes it will turn out better than this.

    Here's why: The bill, if it becomes law, opens the door for lawyers to squeeze in and argue the case for their clients. Previously (and now!) in many cases that would be a waste of time and money because "no antennas" means "no antennas." "Some" antennas is subject to interpretation and negotiation.

    This bill's wording is very similar to PRB-1, which helped many hams I know of. PRB-1's wording was codified in California decades ago and has stood the test of time and the courts (in places without HOAs and CC&Rs). This rule may stand up similarly well with HOAs, especially if the ham is a bit flexible and has a very good attorney.:p
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    ^Interesting comments and observations.

    In my "15 homes" statement, those weren't at the same time, either...spread out from 1973 to today, and in five different states.

    Choosing a place to live needs to be a "party" decision including the family (at least for me). Now that my kids are grown and on their own, the family is just the XYL and me (and our dog, who never barks up the wrong tree).

    My XYL is pickier than I am, because wherever we live she wants to plant as many trees, bushes, flowers, herbs and whatever she wants. She has an amazing green thumb: Anything she pushes into the soil seems to thrive. I'm the opposite: Anything I push into the soil dies. So, she wins and we have an amazing garden for a small lot: 166 trees and plants, everything grows, and most of the trees fruit (lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, avocados, nectarines, kumquats, anything!) so we almost never need to "buy" any of these items, they all grow here. And lots of flowers, and cactus, and a "green yard fence" made of over 100 ficus trees trimmed to about 4' tall and close enough together to make a "fence." We have a few larger ficus in the backyard that are over 40 feet tall and provide great shade.

    If she can't do this, she doesn't want to live "there," wherever there is.

    So, in most cases an HOA is "out," for my XYL even more so than for me.
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    HR 5515 is up on their calendar and will be reconciled in the Senate Armed Services Committee. It is harder to get something out the bill than in to it. Money bill from the house has a lot back room deals stuck to it.
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