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Amateur Radio Maps - Custom Great Circle - World Prefix - Locator Maps.

Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by GM0PHW, Nov 29, 2016.

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  1. GM0PHW

    GM0PHW Ham Member QRZ Page

      1. Amateur Radio World Prefix Maps in Full Colour with Exceptional Detail.

        MAPS are FULLY up to date and include PJ4, PJ5, PJ6, PJ7 and Z8

        Large 39" x 27" Amateur Radio World Prefix Map, a perfect size for the shack wall, the maps are ALL map there is no wasted space taken up with flags etc. and as such the maps are easily read and do not contain anything that decreases the physical size of the map.
        The map is professionally printed using top of the range Lithographic printing machines ensuring they are the best quality available, they are NEW and up to date.....

        We also do a 36"x 24" (A1) version with the same exceptional detail.

        Recently added to our products, see below.
        • CUSTOM Great Circle Maps created individually and centered on YOUR exact location (lat/long) and personalized with your name and callsign. 24" x 24" in full colour with countries, islands and their Prefixes if you require more information email
        • Great Circle DX Maps Centered on the UK (24"x 24")
        • European Locator Map

        Prices and further information are available I will post insured anywhere in the world rolled up in a sturdy postal tube.

        All Payments should be made in GBP via Paypal to

        I'm Ok in any call book and (gm0phw)


        Map 1 - Custom Great Circle Map 24"x 24"
        Centered on your exact location Exceptional Quality and Detail

        Map 2 - World Prefix Map 39"x 27"

        Excellent Quality and Detail, professionally printed using top of the range using Lithographic printing machines.
        Exceptional Quality and Detail

        Map 3 - Locator Map of Europe 25"x 19 3/4"(64 cm x 50 cm)

        Professionally printed, exceptional quality and detail, professionally printed using top of the range using Lithographic printing machines.

        Map 4 - Great Circle Map 24"x 24"

        Centered on the UK professionally printed on Photo Quality Coated Paper

        All our maps are of excellent quality and detail we have sold all over the world, see our maps and pricing here...

        and here...

        GM0PHW, Oct 28, 2015 Report
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      2. [​IMG]
        M0IJW QRZ Lifetime Member Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page
        This the best DX locator I have found to date, with load of detail grids etc.
        If you're looking for a great map, this is the one to get.
        M0IJW 73's

        M0IJW, Oct 29, 2015 Report
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      3. [​IMG]
        LA2FDA XML Subscriber QRZ Page
        I ordered the World Prefix Map.
        The quality is excellent , and the details are very good. Mike is very pleasant to deal with .
        The maps comes very good protected in a paper tube.
        I highly recommend this map.

        LA2FDA, Oct 31, 2015 Report
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      4. [​IMG]
        MW3IPK Ham Member QRZ Page
        Had my maps back today the worldprefix map and the locator map ofEurope maps are of high quality andI don't need my glasses and amagnifying glass to see the detail for a change
        Well done Mike a good map and a pleasure to deal with 73 terry mw3ipk

        MW3IPK, Nov 3, 2015 Report
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      5. [​IMG]
        KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page
        Great product! The quality of the print on my map is superb!

        Macomb, IL
        KA9MOT, Nov 6, 2015 Report
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      6. [​IMG]
        GM0OBX Ham Member QRZ Page
        Got a custom map. Brilliant quality and excellent detail. Love this as its better than any software map and is great for getting kids into radio by using the map

        Founder of DX-Interceptors MS0IXD - sponsoring DX-Peditions
        GM0OBX, Nov 21, 2015 Report
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      7. [​IMG]
        MW6EYU XML Subscriber QRZ Page
        I purchased a couple of custom maps and I must say the quality is second to none they take priority on my shack wall the detail is top notch if you are looking for quality look no further.

        MW6EYU, Dec 18, 2015 Report
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      8. [​IMG]
        GM0PHW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page
        Maps are not just for Christmas, our maps are competitively priced all year round, the prices below are inclusive of shipping to USA and because of lower postal costs are even less to the UK and Europe.

        39" x 27" Amateur Radio World Prefix Maps - Price shipped to USA is £14.00 ($20.86) professionally printed on top of the range Lithographic printers, the quality and detail is exceptional.

        25" x 19 1/2" European Locator Map - Price shipped to USA is £11.75 ($17.50) professionally printed on top of the range Lithographic printers, the quality and detail is exceptional.

        Custom Great Circle Maps created to your exact location, lat/long and personalised with your name and callsign, our custom maps are printed on photo quality coated paper using high end printers.

        Check out our other maps and the prices to the UK, Europe and USA and order here....... or

        Remember all our maps are inclusive of insured postage.

        Last edited: Dec 18, 2015
        GM0PHW, Dec 18, 2015 Report
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      9. [​IMG]
        G3NFV Subscriber QRZ Page
        Great Circle Map, an excellent product and first class dispatch and product.

        G3NFV, Jan 10, 2016 Report
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      10. [​IMG]
        2I0FNN Ham Member QRZ Page
        Thanks Mike For a Lovely Great Circle Map of the world, it makes pointing my antenna so much easier.

        2I0FNN, Jan 14, 2016 Report
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      11. [​IMG]
        G7AFO Ham Member QRZ Page
        Just purchased two maps great circle and world prefix map. Excellent quality and very Helpfull combining postage. Also very good and prompt comms. Many thanks G7AFO

        G7AFO, Feb 6, 2016 Report
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      12. [​IMG]
        KN7S Swapmeet Moderator Staff Member QRZ Page
        I just received your World Prefix Map. Nothing short of beautiful and very high quality. It goes into the frame and on the wall tomorrow. Thanks for a great product!

        KN7S, Feb 12, 2016 Report
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      13. [​IMG]
        GM0PHW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page
        Hi Dave glad you liked it...

        GM0PHW, Today at 1:51 PM Report
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      GM0PHW, Mar 4, 2016 Report
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      M0IGA Ham Member QRZ Page
      Great map for my ham corner, very good price.

      M0IGA, Mar 10, 2016 Report
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      GM0PHW, May 4, 2016

      W4GJ Ham Member QRZ Page
      Very nice maps, got the World Prefix map and it arrived quite fast. Excellent quality, good price. TNX Mike!

      W4GJ, May 8, 2016

      GM0PHW, Jun 7, 2016 Report
      #1 Reply
    1. [​IMG]
      G6BOP Ham Member QRZ Page
      Hi all, just ordered, and received two ham radio maps from, very pleased with the quality of these maps, and the size was just right, very good communication with the seller and they arrived very quickly, they are now on the shack wall and is easy to plot my contacts on, well worth the money, thanks Mike de G6BOP.

      G6BOP, Jun 11, 2016 Report
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    2. [​IMG]
      M6KNY Ham Member QRZ Page

      Received my DX map a couple of weeks ago, very pleased with the purchase laying out in great clarity the information that I required.


      M6KNY, Jul 9, 2016 Report
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    3. [​IMG]
      N4ECO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page
      I purchased the 24x24 great circle map and framed it. I have it on my right hand wall and use it for degrees to world wide rotor positions. Much more accurate than any flat map or globe. Thank you Mike for a quality product.
      de N4ECO - Bob

      N4ECO, Jul 16, 2016 Report
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  2. N9ETB

    N9ETB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just ordered your great wall map. Looking forward to hanging it on the wall. :)
  3. K7GMB

    K7GMB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ordered the large 39" x 27" Amateur Radio World Prefix Map and was amazed at how fast it jumped the pond to get to me. Crisp lithography and NO FLUFF (flags and the like). Great value; having mine framed ! Tnx Mike..
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  4. G8PL

    G8PL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ordered 2 world do maps, arrived very quickly, well packaged and great quality, recommended.
  5. N9ETB

    N9ETB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Recently received my World Prefix map (large). The print and detail are absolutely wonderful. Couldn't ask for a better map.
  6. N0NB

    N0NB Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ordered my custom projection map at the end of December 2016 and Mike mailed it just at year's end. What with holidays and international mail it arrived on January 23, 2017. I found a nice 24"x24" frame on Amazon from a supplier in Michigan. It arrived last night and the combination makes a very nice display on the wall above my operating desk. I highly recommend Mike's maps for your shack.

    As the map is printed to be centered from my geographic location, no interpolation is required to observe the beam headings to the various parts of the world.

  7. GM0PHW

    GM0PHW Ham Member QRZ Page

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  8. PA2HP

    PA2HP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yesterday i received my World Prefix Map (large) from .
    Great map, great service.
    73 Harry PA2HP
  9. W7LI

    W7LI Ham Member QRZ Page

    The design and quality of the map is excellent. Quality paper and very clear print. Centered on my QTH in Oregon. Size is 24" x 24". Ordering and payment very easy. Map arrived 2 weeks from order date. I also ordered a 24 inch frame from the Amazon supplier in Michigan. I have had several smaller Great Circle Maps in my ham radio years but this is the best.
    73 Carl, W7LI
  10. G4JBH

    G4JBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ordered a full set of maps - Great Circle, Prefix and Locator Squares. Absolutely delighted with the service and quality. Going to be sandwiched in Perspex before mounting on the walls of our mobile contest shack. Highly recommended!! 73, Adrian G4JBH

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