Amateur Radio and Emergencies

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Feb 12, 2001.

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    KC8PMX writes "Now that we are coming up on the Severe Weather Season, I am looking for people to submit true stories about amateur radio and its use during a emergency situation.

    I am looking for your story, whether it deals with an individual person working an emergency or a group or association working the emergency. I am looking for the following information when you submit your story:

    1. Description of the emergency situation listing as many facts as possible about the emergency.

    2. Information involving the active and inactive participants to the emergency.

    3. How the emergency was handled using amateur radio/

    4. What was learned from the event? (Post Analysis)

    I am considering writing a book about this and have the main text done, from an instructional viewpoint, but am seeking actual practice of topics in writing. Also, if you have an active EMERGENCY RADIO SERVICES group please send a separate description of that group, including structure and capabilities. Any contributors will recieve credit if this publication goes to press.


    Ryan Lughermo KC8PMX"
Thread Status:
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