AM Power Issue Revisited (lengthy read)

Discussion in 'Amplitude Modulation' started by K4KYV, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. W7TFO

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    Having had a bit of time in the BC engineering biz, I always thought hams got 'power cheated'.

    AM BC gets power rated in output into the antenna @ I-squared-R, hams got final input W.

    A world of difference, eh? I wonder why that disparity was enacted.

    Now we get some odd-ball measurement, cooked up by some AMphobe at the FCC.

    Senseless. Senseless as HD radio. Senseless as BC AM 'Revitalization'.

    So, run what you brung, keep the bands clean, have fun pushing those RF electrons!

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  2. K4KYV

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    History of AM power proceeding now viewable on FCC website

    (Go back one page to view the complete narrative published here on this forum.)

    Facts in the case are laid out in a time line on the FCC's ECFS website, followed by supporting documentation that pre-dates FCC archives (which extend only back to 1992).

    This should make it easy for those not thoroughly familiar with this case to discover and understand the past agenda of those in power at the FCC at that time, how this has affected use of the AM mode in amateur radio, and should explain and justify the attitudes of many veteran AMers regarding the power limit issue, that persist to this day.

    Part 1: Chronological time line 1983-1990, Exhibits 1-9

    Part 2: Exhibits 10-16

    The original open-discussion on this topic has now dropped many pages down into the bowels of the Forum Archives. To review those comments, go to:

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